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A passionate and innovative professional encompassing excellence in B2B marketing industry. Develop and manage integrated programs including content strategy, Lead generation approach, Digital, and social media strategy.
Decoding the Behavior of your Top of the Funnel Leads
Introduction Generating leads is a priority for every company – whether big or small. This is because business must continually initiate customer interest in order to sell more and grow. But, in reality,  not every person who interacts with your company will be ready to make a purchase. As a matter of fact, statistics show...
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Create Scalable content
Introduction If you are a B2B marketer, you know how valuable content is in generating deals, engaging your industry and closing deals. As a matter of fact, in 2017,  close to 90% of B2B companies use content to increase profitability. This number may be higher in 2019. The reality is that, publishing relevant content consistently increases...
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How Marketing Automation Can Play An Enticing Role (1)
Introduction B2B marketing has changed significantly over the years. There is a total shift from outbound marketing tactics to inbound Lead generation strategies. Just like in B2C selling, humanizing B2B marketing has become critical – it’s what drives the inbound approach to marketing. The reality is that your prospects and customers are not just looking...
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Steps to Qualify MQLs to SQLs
Introduction Generating leads is one of the most important activities that B2B marketers are engaged in. Without doing so, the company will struggle to generate sales revenue and even grow. B2B companies need solid lead generation strategies. In the absence of one, they’ll struggle to identify prospects because they lack clarity about the kind of...
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voice of the customer
Introduction Stories of brand losses and brand demise have been all too common in the news over the last decade or so: From voice of the customers examples such as how one journalist took down Dell with one simple blog, to how influencers like kylie Jenner can influence millions to leave a brand because the brand is...
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