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A passionate and innovative professional encompassing excellence in B2B marketing industry. Develop and manage integrated programs including content strategy, Lead generation approach, Digital, and social media strategy.
ABM programme
Introduction In recent years, ABM has gained traction among B2B marketers. A survey by Sirius Decisions shows that over 90% of B2B marketers consider it an important part of their company’s marketing strategy. For B2B companies that embrace the ABM approach, intent data is the most critical tool they have at their disposal. This is...
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Ultimate Guide to Generate High Quality Leads for Enterprise Software Solution
Introduction Generating high quality leads on an ongoing basis is just as important for companies offering enterprise software solutions, as it is for them to retain their portfolio of existing customers. But, as you may already now if you have experience working in companies providing mid-level and enterprise level software solutions, lead generation is easier...
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B2B Intent Marketing A Customer-Centric Approach
Intent marketing has earned its place as an important marketing strategy for  B2B companies in recent times. By leveraging technological innovations such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and automated marketing platforms, B2B companies are able to get insights from intent signals that buyers emit online. Statistics show that more than 80% of B2B buyers visit...
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Learn how trends and new technologies impact the marketing vision, plans and budget
Ask any company executive right now why their company is not delivering on their bottom lines, and they will tell you one thing: covid 19. Granted, covid 19 has thrown quite a humongous curveball in the economy and upset plans and predictions that may have benchmarked business in 2020. But even before covid 19, analysts...
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