Laura McLoughlin
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Laura is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. In the past, she worked as an editor for a teen website in the UK and as a journalist. She now works as a Digital PR and writes for Omnia Branding in Dubai.
Best Email Marketing Trends
Introduction of Email Marketing Trends Email marketing occupies a funny space in our digital marketing tool kit. For years there have been the naysayers, repeatedly calling it ‘dead’. As long ago as 2010, Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg declared that email “is probably going away”. Yet here we are. We’re in a world where email marketing...
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Digital Marketing Rules
Introduction Digital marketing is not a creative pursuit we do just for fun. At its core, digital marketing is a strategy used to generate leads – and if it isn’t doing that, then something is going wrong. What is “lead generation”, exactly? Well, it can be boiled down to how we attract customers to our...
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