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Shawn Hadden is a digital marketing strategist. He provides innovative and results-driven internet marketing solutions so that business owners become even more successful in their chosen fields of endeavor.
Around 87% of intent buyers research data online before they make a purchase decision. Not only this, Youtube gets upto 300 hours of video every minute and over 2 million blog posts are indexed everyday. And this data is just before that of the pandemic world that saw a 200% plus spike in Internet usage worldwide due to enforced...
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CMO Mindset
The overwhelming prevalence of digitalization is constantly transforming the field of marketing. At nearly every turn, marketing pursuits look vastly different in style, scope, and execution than they did just a few years ago. The Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) have always been at the forefront of these transformations. While the leaders of the organization craft the vision,...
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Email Template
When it comes to B2B marketing, email marketing stands tall as the undisputed king. This is for a good reason. Emails have a high delivery rate of up to 97.5% and an open rate of 18.1%. When it comes to revenue,  31% of B2B marketers say email marketing has the highest impact on revenue generation. It...
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Quick Summary: Aligning the sales and marketing team will help you generate marketing qualified leads. Account-based marketing lets you generate MQLs by focusing on highly targeted accounts. By leveraging marketing automation, you can nurture leads before forwarding them to the sales team. Acquiring leads may be a simple task, but generating leads that are more...
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