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Sumeet is a PR as well as Digital Marketing Strategist associated with UnboundB2B, who specializes in Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Content Marketing. You can also follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter.
Sell Technology
Introduction As the world navigates the uncertain times brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, most tech companies have their staff – including sales teams – working from home. For B2B companies that rely on in-person sales, this is a drastic change. Sales teams in such companies have to adapt to generating leads and selling remotely...
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expert insights
As COVID-19 continues to disrupt global markets in unprecedented ways, governments continue to turn to the proven public wellbeing measures to contain the contagion.
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How To Increase Your Audience Engagement via Content Syndication
Powerful content marketing isn’t just about content pillars, impacting your social channels or publication schedules. If you’re a content marketer
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experts reveal their ABM strategies
Account-based Marketing is getting higher attention these days. Account-based marketing is a planned approach to marketing in which your time and resources focus on a key group of specific accounts.You can’t arrive on any B2B online marketing journals nowadays without hearing about it. We just need to look around the internet to see that it...
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Future of email marketing
Introduction Come forth and venture into our time machine to the future of email marketing with our reviews on all email marketing trends and predictions. “What is the Future of Email Marketing in 2020?” That’s the question we presented to 13 experts for the report of our Email Marketing in 2020. Their answers predict dramatic...
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