Appointment Setting Has To Be Iterative

Appointment Setting Has To Be Iterative



Many of us have run appointment setting campaign and have been disappointed. We have argued its place & effectiveness in the current digital marketing world. Many times marketers have faced flak from the sales team on the quality of appointment or have not been able to showcase ROI on the campaigns.

The challenge in executing appointment setting is numerous, but these are the three fundamental pillar for it to succeed.

  1. Your sweet spot is always going to be unique to your offering.
  2. Your elevator pitch will never be perfect.
  3. Your sales need to have the right expectations for the lead qualification.

Many appointment setting providers claim to generate hundreds to thousands of appointments however they struggle to provide ROI to the marketers. The key is to enable a free-flowing 360-degree feedback mechanism between the executing unit & the sales team. The ownership of this feedback execution has to lie with the vendor and the marketer together.

How do you enable iteration practice? It is this simple

  1. Enable each stakeholder to attend weekly review meeting. It is a must – If they don’t take part in improvements, it will never improve.
  2. Manage an Iterations sheet – Evolve your target market & script. Remember they are never perfect & if you listen to the execution team you can figure this out much effectively.
  3. Ask your sales team to give the feedback of those meetings on these review meetings– It’s easier to align quality expectations if they are understood. This further streamlines sales expectations of these meetings and they can drive better results when they know what’s coming.
  4. Solve your execution’s team challenges– It is often the case that sales teams desire moon and you can only deliver sky. It is imperative that the sales team realigns their expectations by solving the execution team’s challenges. If they can’t produce sales can’t close.
  5. Give it time – Typically if your average deal closure time is X months – Run this model for X+3 months. Remember now we know how it works – Now we need to know when it will work.

These pillars will evolve and ROI will drastically improve. Once this is achieved you know, you can scale.

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Shawn Hadden is a digital marketing strategist. He provides innovative and results-driven internet marketing solutions so that business owners become even more successful in their chosen fields of endeavor.