The Client

The client is an Arizona based cloud service provider. The client provides cloud computing services such as compute power, database storage, content delivery and many other functions which helps to integrate a business.


Increase in Client’s ROI


Increase in Client’s Sales Pipeline


Leads Generated

Campaign Specifications

  • Campaign Type:  MQL
  • Methodology: Content Syndication
  • Target Audience: CTO, CIO, VP (IT), VP Cloud Architecture, VP Cloud Services, Director IT, Director Cloud Infrastructure, Director Cloud Engineering, Director Cloud Solutions, Head of Cloud
  • Target Location: US
  • Target Industry: Retail, Financial Services, Banking & Insurance
  • Target size: 250 – 2000


  • The client was serving a variety of industries and having success in selling to current industries, they shifted gears to focus on new industries and has launched cloud solutions for retail and finance industry.
  • The client created around 500 whitepapers per month to post it on their website and other channels to create awareness about their new services.  They used paid ads on social media to leverage their whitepapers to a mass audience.
  • The client also used their in-house marketing team to reach out to prospects, but this one-stop marketing strategy didn’t help the client. The client had some whitepaper downloads and a few leads which they struggled to close.
  • The client decided to outsource lead generation services. The client was looking for a reliable partner that could leverage their content to drive funnel leads into the pipeline.
  • The client did research and chose UnboundB2B for this goal. They discussed their pain points such as less awareness about their new services, few leads, misaligned teams, etc.

Our Approaches & Deliverables

  • UnboundB2B’s team understood the client requirements and pain points and decided that Unbound Content Syndication Programme suits best to meet client’s goals.
  • UnboundB2B’s team worked with the client to audit the content published to determine whether the content resonates with the customers across targeted industries. Recommendations were made for the scope to improve the content.
  • UnboundB2B created a strategy to promote the client whitepapers using its publishing site, Tech Research Online, the largest B2B network where professionals from different industries are actively looking for the relevant topics to learn the latest technology trends and enabling their companies to adopt them.
  • The huge traffic of Tech Research Online leveraged client whitepapers and eBooks to the right audience.  The client’s content was also promoted on the social media handles of Tech Research Online, whose large follower base also increased the reach of the client’s content.
  • The client utilized UnboundB2B’s AI-powered automation tool to identify the prospects. A lead scoring system was used to rate each lead based on their activity and was further classified into sales funnel.
  • UnboundB2B’s predictive analytics tool further helped to analyse each account and predicted each account’s stage of buying journey.
  • Real-time reports generated by AI-powered automation tool helped to measure key metrics and to optimize the strategy accordingly.
  • Once the lead qualified the cut-off score an automated email was sent to each lead for the call appointment.


  • The client generated 300 top-funnel leads and 180 mid-funnel leads with the confirmed call back. This boosted client sales pipeline by 110%.
  •  The generated leads outperformed with 87% conversion rate. Further the “Happy to Help 32” campaign of UnboundB2B helped client to get 32% more leads and increased the client’s ROI by 182%.
  • The client has worked further with UnboundB2B to penetrate new markets and continue to leverage their lead generation activities using various UnboundB2B’s programme like UnboundB2B Install Base Marketing.
About Author

Shawn Hadden is a digital marketing strategist. He provides innovative and results-driven internet marketing solutions so that business owners become even more successful in their chosen fields of endeavor.