Email Security Company


Email Security Company

ClientUnited State based Company offering Email Security
Who we are engaged withDirector of Marketing Program
Lead GenerationMQL Leads, HQL Lead, Appointment Setting

Challenges / Requirements:
An Email Security Company needed a large volume of MQL’s that would help them grow their organization exponentially. A Marketing-Qualified Lead (MQL) is prospect whose engagement levels indicate that he is probably interested in learning about the product/service and if nurtured effectively will eventually make a purchase.

Our Approaches & Deliverables:

  • Unbound studied the market and competitor profiles developing multiple “buyer personas”.
  • Based on the above we leveraged our database through analytics and additionally developed targeted list.
  • We worked with the client to develop a framework for acceptable quality of MQLs and the targeting methodology.
  • Then with the help of multi-channel lead generation campaigns we delivered the targeted volume and quality of MQLs to rapidly fill the client’s pipeline.
  • We worked with the client’ in-house team to gather feedback and conversion data to further refine and improve the lead generation campaigns.
  • This Unbound planned, executed and stabilized a lead generation process for the client.


Results : 
Using Marketing-Qualified Leads (MQLs) provided by Unbound Marketing, the client is filling the sales pipeline with high potential leads and nurturing them using a sales automation tool. This is driving best in class conversions and engagement for the client.

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