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Increase in ROI

The Client

The client is a leading provider of data management software for analytics.They provide analysts access to the data they need for faster analytics. They enable businesses to discover, access and analyse more data without complex data replication and movement.

Campaign Specifications

  • Campaign Type: Appointment Setting
  • Target Audience: Category manager, Senior Category manager, Supply chain manager, Operations Manager, Merchandise Manager, Regional Merchandise Manager, Merchandise Planning Manager, Analytics Director, Business Intelligence Manager, Data Analytics Manager
  • Target Location: US & Canada
  • Target Industry: Retail, CPG, Financial Services
  • Target Size: TA L


  • The Client was looking to expand its customer acquisition efforts with a more dynamic approach to improve its marketing efforts.
  • They prepared a detailed strategy to reach out to prospects by cold calling and emails using their in-house sales teams. But this resulted in a low conversion rate and minimal leads.
  • The client decided to outsource appointment setting services to improve their marketing efforts and to penetrate the new market. After evaluating the few appointment setting services, the client turned to UnboundB2B to solve their challenges.

Our Approaches & Deliverables

  • UnboundB2B worked closely with the client to build a target account list based on the buyer’s persona that the client wants to target. UnboundB2B created a discovery roadmap to identify the perfect fit based on the client’s needs.
  • The target account list was categorised based on the industry, UnboundB2B researched further for each industry type to understand them and the SDRs were allotted these accounts based on the industry they were specialised in.
  • UnboundB2B also appointed a specific client relationship manager to the client who informed the client about every stage of the process and also understood the client needs and changes at every stage.
  • UnboundB2B also classified each prospect into Primary and Secondary Prospects, where primary prospects were the key decision-maker and secondary prospects were the influencers.
  • Based on the buyer’s persona, firmographic and technographic data, our SDRs created hyper-targeted emails for each prospect with the invitation for a brief call.
  • The prospects who accepted the invitation had a brief call with SDRs and were confirmed for the appointment with the client’s team.
  • Those prospects who didn’t respond or were not ready for the next step were nurtured using multi-channel marketing campaigns and were sent follow back email based on their buyer’s stage of the journey.


  • UnboundB2B helped the client to expand in the new market and influenced pipeline growth by generating 261 appointments.
  • UnboundB2B increased the client’s ROI by 284%.
  • The client has been working with UnboundB2B since, leveraging a multi-channel marketing approach which constantly brings them good campaign results and steady sales.
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Shawn Hadden is a digital marketing strategist. He provides innovative and results-driven internet marketing solutions so that business owners become even more successful in their chosen fields of endeavor.