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Software Solutions Company

ClientSoftware Solutions provider situated in California, United States
Who we are engaged withVP Marketing
Lead GenerationAppointment Setting

Challenges / Requirements:
The client wanted a Lead Generation Services vendor to handle generation of “Appointments“. An Appointment is a prospective customer that has been researched and vetted and is deemed sales ready. These leads are handed directly to the sale team for solution/product pitching.

Our Approaches & Deliverables:

  • Study the client’s strengths, the market structure, and competition and buyer profiles.
  • Create a lead generation strategy and execution plan, assess the project requirements, and create a resource allocation plan and proposal.
  • Multiple segment were targeted. Both the use & buyer of the solution were the key identified targets.
  • Create multi-channel campaign plans with clear deliverables like Create a database of highly relevant prospect, cleanse, append, and structure the database as per targeting strategy.
  • Teams got trained on client services offering.
  • Appointments were generated at a fast pace.
  • Gathered feedback from client’s in-house sales team and incorporate that into the campaign targeting strategy to improve conversion rates week-on-week.

Results :

  • Since the customer was starting such campaigns for the first time Unbound Marketing was instrumental in Outlining, Setting up, and stabilizing the Lead Generation strategy & engine.
  • Unbound Marketing delivered more than 80 appointments in seven months.
  • These appointments have helped clients to win new business accounts and meet their sales targets.
  • Campaign has been successful and have scaled 4 times the size they started with.

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Audience Reach

Contact directly with your audience. Choose your Target audience from our database pool containing more than 150 million companies and 60 million professionals and make your own custom list

Install base Targeting

By studying the database of users who use one or more of your competitor’s products, and by analyzing the install base data of competitors, partners, and complementary products/services you can unveil new insights into buyer profiles and preferences.

Target List Building

Either you pick our own list to whom you want to target or if you feel your in-house CRM data may not be in the best of the stage to run campaigns or you need net new contacts. Use our list building service to build lists that are 100% accurate and relevant

Email Marketing Campaigns

UnboundB2B will enable you to run the entire email campaign targeted at your audience. Either you provide a list of your audience, or you define it. UnboundB2B has a reach of more than 60 Million B2B contacts that enable them to execute the complete lifecycle of the email campaigns.

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