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Let’s face it, when you’re in charge of marketing, the buck stops with you. You have to be accountable for generating leads and filling quotas, and there’s pressure from above and from sales and finance—all looking to you to generate high intent MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads). It can be nerve-wracking when the sales team isn’t...
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Powerful Product Marketing Strategy
You’ve got a great business idea, a website, and a product to sell. Not sure how to start telling people about your cool new product? That’s where product marketing chips in. So, let’s dive right in. What is Product Marketing Simply put, product marketing is the work you do to grow your product. It consists...
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Demand Gen vs Demand capt
Demand is the basic foundation of a business. Traditionally, demand is defined as the consumer’s will or ability to purchase a commodity during a specific period. However, this is an old demand definition now. That’s because traditional demand theories somehow fail to fit in the digital lead generation system. For example, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs considers...
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The right demand generation is crucial to acquiring Marketing Qualified Leads or MQLs, especially in B2B SaaS marketing. Big brands make it all seem so easy—and for them, it really is. But for the rest of us, things are a little more difficult when it comes to having your business noticed. Your demand generation provider...
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b2b saas podcast
The B2B SaaS companies are exploding right now. In 2020, the global Software as a Service market size was $158.2 billion, which is projected to reach $307.3 billion by 2026. This propelling SaaS growth shows that B2B SaaS companies need to try new and innovative ways to expand their businesses in the future. They have...
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