How to Nurture Prospects Who Are Not Ready to Buy Yet
Introduction Most marketing departments are like construction sites. Just like workers that spend their days heaving rock and dirt, marketers often do the utmost to generate brand, service, or product interest from prospective clients. It is therefore disheartening when leads say that they are not ready to buy. Marketing processes are very capital intensive. Consequently,...
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B2B Marketers 10 Proven Tactics to Get Tech Buyers to Engage with Your Content
Introduction Let’s talk about content marketing strategy. How do you increase engagement, brand awareness, or boost conversions? Could this be something that’s causing you sleepless nights? Perhaps? Granted. To get the attention of tech buyers across the complex B2B buying landscape is no mean feat. You need to find a way to break through the...
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Before you take the first step towards marketing your business know this: there are tons of channels out there. Social media. Email marketing. Phone. Search. Even with all these channels, not everyone is going to be the right channel for your product. Even within channels there may be multiple avenues.  For instance marketing on Facebook...
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Why You Should Be Investing In MQLs Given The Current Pandemic
Introduction In 2009, HBR wrote this about the 2008 recession “by all accounts, this recession is the severest since the Great Depression. (source: HBR). Today, the World Ban says that the covid 19 pandemic would plunge economies by 5.9% globally, which is, according to World bank, “the deepest recession since the Second World War”.  (Source: The...
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The ongoing global pandemic is affecting businesses in various ways across all industries. The event is activating sales changes in the B2B sector, which are forcing marketers to re-imagine the old buyer persona for the new normal. The flu-like epidemic is also altering the interactive dynamics between the buyer and the seller. Like a selective...
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