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Introduction Account based marketing is a selling practice that has existed for decades now. Over the years, ABM has gained wider acceptance, with companies big and small adopting it either as the primary selling strategy, or as part of their wider sales and marketing practices. ABM is all about identifying key accounts based on parameters...
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Introduction Technology has advanced rapidly in the last few decades, impacting literally every aspect of business. From marketing to sales and customer service, technology has changed the way businesses run. But none of these areas have been turned upside down by technology like lead generation. Numerous statistics show that technology leads generation is at the heart...
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marketing automation tool
Introduction B2B marketers are always for marketing qualified leads (MQLs) to nurture. In simple terms, MQLs are prospects that, based on lead intelligence and analytics undertaken by marketers are likely to convert and become customers. The criteria for identifying quality leads varies from one company to another. For B2B companies, MQLs are valuable because their...
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Introduction Technology is fast advancing. As it continues to do so, it creates a lot of new and exciting opportunities. If you own a tech company, or if you are a marketer in one, this is good news for you. The downside of this accelerated technology growth, however, is that it leads to saturation. It...
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B2B Market Predictions for Q3 and Q4
Introduction Since the 2020 year began, Covid-19 has disrupted the B2B market in ways that no one anticipated. The pandemic turned demand patterns in many sectors upside down and rendered conventional market predictions inaccurate. To remain relevant, B2B companies had to focus more on maintaining customer relationships than on selling. This meant employing different strategies...
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