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Shawn Hadden is a digital marketing strategist. He provides innovative and results-driven internet marketing solutions so that business owners become even more successful in their chosen fields of endeavor.
Saas software
Want to really boost sales of your SaaS software? Then listen up. Content should be the most important asset in your B2B marketing strategy. It is the one resource that you can use on autopilot to effectively move prospects through the buyer’s journey, increasing your odds for top-of-funnel leads – and sales. When executing a...
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Saas buyers
Unlike clothing or cosmetics, SaaS products don’t make it to the impulsive buying category. Instead, shoppers invest a lot of time in research before they commit to a purchase decision. What’s surprising is that buyers are focused on finishing a bit over 60% of their buying process before they engage a vendor. As a SaaS marketer,...
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Saas business
The average business should expect over half of its software stack to be replaced within the next two years. And this trend is only expected to continue. When it comes to drafting a marketing plan for SaaS, there’s a whole new set of rules you need to follow. Prospects do a lot of their research and...
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content marketing tips
Presently, the strategies used by businesses to find target audiences are very different from the once used just a few decades ago.
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marketing automation
Successful B2B marketing automation requires thoughtful planning, but once you’re ready to launch, it can take your sales funnel to the next level. Without using a predetermined workflow, your salespeople are like an army of blindfolded men, throwing spaghetti against a wall littered with failed campaigns and random leads. No matter what business you’re in,...
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