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Ask any company executive right now why their company is not delivering on their bottom lines, and they will tell you one thing: covid 19. Granted, covid 19 has thrown quite a humongous curveball in the economy and upset plans and predictions that may have benchmarked business in 2020. But even before covid 19, analysts...
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Introduction Intent data is an important predictive tool for marketers. It tells marketers with more certainty, what prospects or leads are going to do next. Intent data can either be internal, meaning that you can obtain it from your company’s website or CRM. It can also be external or third-party data, sourced through tools like...
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Introduction The year 2014 was supposed to be a fantastic year for Apple. The sun was shining, the birds chirping and the king of tech aesthetics was ready to launch some goodies at the Flint Center. Tim Cook did not disappoint. He unveiled the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch and the former went on...
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Introduction Lead generation can be a roller coaster of a process; it has so many ups and downs. Sometimes, during the ups, you might find yourself celebrating, only to find that your jubilation is premature. One of those up-moments could be when a potential lead submits a form, asks for a quote or performs an...
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Digital Ad Platform
Introduction In 2019, Google fired a warning shot at digital ad businesses, calling it an announcement of its Privacy Sandbox initiative. The statement confirmed that the world’s most popular search engine was about to initiate a digital advertising shift of epic proportions. This monumental change would end up with the demise of the ubiquitous cookie...
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