Team Lead – Digital Marketing

Roles and Responisbilities:

  • Plan, co-ordinate and supervise the execution of internal and client-based marketing projects.
  • Developing process timelines for all projects.
  • Manage departmental resources according to project requirements.
  • Designate tasks and establish project deadlines.
  • Setting up task priorities and KRAs for all sub-departments.
  • Quality check for all deliverables.
  • Overlooking and maintaining brand guidelines in all marketing materials.
  • Coach and mentor team members and ensure all day-to-day activities are carried out smoothly.
  • Measure team’s productivity and contributions to ROI.


  • Degree in marketing, communications, business, or related field.
  • Minimum 4+ year experience in digital marketing.
  • Advanced Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Excel, Word)
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Shawn Hadden

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