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A great database is the foundation of your Sales & Marketing efforts. A database is valuable only if it is accurate and up-to-date. Purchasing reputable high-end databases that guarantee high accuracy is not a viable option for many businesses, either because of their unaffordability or because there are multiple stakeholders in the sales process so data is not available as per your needs.

Database Management Solutions

Data Cleansing & Validation

The efficiency of your sales team, your marketing campaigns, and thus your pipeline is directly related to the accuracy of your database. We help businesses maintain a healthy database by formatting, classifying, modifying, replacing, organizing, deleting, and correcting records across multiple data fields by performing regular integrity checks and by plugging in gaps in critical information.

We make sure the data is consistent and logically labeled and grouped for ease of access thus enabling you to effectively target desired profiles and create effective sales campaigns for lead generation. This results in a higher ROI on your sales & marketing campaigns.

Top 3 reasons why Continual Data cleansing is valuable

  • Higher Data Quality
  • Protection from data related problems and security risks
  • Minimized errors and higher ROI

Data Append

Data appending helps businesses to add valuable demographic, lifestyle, and behavioral information to their database, allowing Sales and Marketing teams to know more about their customers. In this age of growing personalized digital communication, this additional layer of knowledge can allow your sales and marketing teams to create unique, targeted, and high conversion campaign lists by allowing them to group data more creatively, build distinct buyer personas, and identify groups of buyers that offer high growth opportunity.

Top 5 reasons why Data Appending is valuable

  • Better understanding of prospective buyer profiles
  • Identify new clusters of customers & target them through fresh and unique marketing campaigns
  • Higher conversions from MQL to SQLs
  • Append missing field such as emails, phone numbers, address etc
  • Append social media handles and run social targeted campaigns
Data Append - Business Data Management
Lead Generation

Lead Generation

  • 20,000 leads per month
  • MQL, CBL & SQL lead Generation
  • Unbound quality assurance
  • Suppression management
Lead Generation

Suppression Management

  • Custom suppression by advertiser
  • Custom suppression by agency
  • 3 months unique leads
  • Flexible suppression policy
Audience Reach

Audience Reach

  • 40 Million B2B contacts
  • Install based coverage
  • Target various departments
  • Targeted by role & technology
Install Base Targeting

Install Base Targeting

  • 15000 products tracked
  • Leads with install base data
  • Competitive campaign design
  • Growing partner network