How does this packaged offering help?

  • To generate HQL leads, every MQL has to go through multiple touchpoints. Leads which haven’t showed any consent for call back are discarded and rest are qualified for HQLs but the advertiser still pays the cost for the MQL leads.
  • Though these MQL leads have not agreed to be contacted by sales rep, but they are still warm leads which can be nurtured with multiple content.
  • Cost per leads in this packaged deal is reduced, which further enhances the advertiser’s ROI. They can buy more and better with the same budget spend.
  • MQL leads goes into your nurturing program and HQL goes directly to your inside sales team for calling and generate appointments/demo.
50% of these HQL leads will come with Direct Dial or extension, 100% leads will come with IVR support. This enables your insides sales rep to be more efficient.

I call this absolute winning!

The Lead quality for both MQL and HQL are just unmatched. The best part is at the same budget I get more leads to nurture through our automation tool and the same time the inside sales team gets treated with some good amount of call back leads.

Director of Demand generation
Cloud ERP Solution Company

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