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Nishant Agarwal

Co-Founder & CSO

25th Feb 1986 – 19th August 2021


Nishant Agrawal was made up of Positivity, Resilience, and Vision. It was these three qualities that stood out and made him a beloved leader in all his endeavours.

Born on 25th February 1986, Nishant grew up with a younger brother in the city of Patna. But he had dreams far too big for the small city. He shifted to Pune for his engineering after high school and jr. college in Patna. He is an Engineer from Bharti Vidyapeet University. Later he started grooming himself with strategic sales and growth marketing skills.

But it was his curiosity and leadership skills that took him up to his career ladder. He never shied away from bringing his enthusiasm for Cricket and play station to the table. This quality made him all the more credible. With his charming self, he soon became an inspiration to everyone who worked with him

An extremely successful Individual…

In 2017, the boy from the small city of Patna decided to take his first big step in the city of Pune. He, along with, his longtime partner and colleague, Rameshwar Sahu founded Unbound B2B.

The duo possessed unmatched leadership skills and a growth mindset which became an asset to the company. In time, slowly but steadily Unbound B2B started to become the brand that both of them dreamt of.

In time, the company faced several challenges, but like Phoenix, Nishant made the company stronger with every challenge they faced. He was the architect of the path; the company took to succeed and become the celebrated name in the industry.

After the roaring success of Unbound B2B, his never-ending curiosity pulled him towards the promising world of artificial intelligence. Soon after, he started juggling with the idea of an AI conversational tool.

In 2019, he founded Aira, his brainchild which was named after his loving daughter Aira. After the pandemic, Aira became a celebrated tool among video conferencing users as it records, transcribes, and enables team collaboration to elevate the meeting experience.

An awesome mentor and a great Leader…

Along with both the companies, he has created the success path for those who worked under him by nurturing their talents and grooming them to the highest industrial standards.

He became not just a boss, but a mentor and a friend. There was not a day where he wouldn’t ask “how are you doing?” or “really wanted to know you.” He trusted all his employees without a doubt and only expected the best from each and every one.

He never had an unkind word to say about anyone because all he saw was potential. Every mistake and doubt were met with a smile and encouragement to do better next time.

Without his care and guidance, it’s hard to imagine where the company would have been. In Nishant, we all had a friend, a mentor, and a leader whom we will truly miss and whose memories we’ll forever cherish.

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