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Digital Security Company

Digital Security Company

Digital Security Company

ClientDigital Security Company
Who we are engaged withDirector of Demand Generation
Data DiscoveryList Building, ABM Campaigns, Install Base Targeting, Market Intelligence Gathering

Challenges / Requirements:
A company which develops new application software needed Market Intelligence gathering which would help them design more effective marketing campaigns. Market Intelligence plays a crucial role in keeping the company on top of its game by gathering information about the market, buyers, and competition, allowing the business to find suitable positioning strategies to sell its products and services effectively and to gain market penetration/grow market share.

Our Approaches & Deliverables:

  • Unbound studied the market and competitor profiles developing multiple “buyer persona models”.
  • Then we utilized our Data Appending, Data Discovery, and List building expertise to explore the unstructured data and collate lists of prospective buyers with similar demographic and/or psychographic profiles which would allow the client’s in-house sales and marketing team to design Lead Generation campaigns with specific triggers to elicit desirable levels of engagement from these specific audience groups.

Results :

  • The client used the specific lists generated through Unbound’s Data Discovery Solution to run highly targeted sales & marketing campaigns which led to a healthier pipeline with HQLs that would eventually lead to higher conversions and revenue.
  • The conversions improved by 4x%.