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Network Security Product Company

Network Security Product Company

Network Security Product Company

ClientNetwork Security Product Company situated in the United States
Who we are engaged withMarketing Programs Manager
Lead Generation MQL Leads, HQL Lead, Appointment Setting

Challenges / Requirements:
The Network Security Company had a requirement for HQLs which would generate sales revenue within a short timeframe. A HQL is the highest quality and highest converting pay-for-performance lead using this client can boost the effectiveness of his/her sales team and close more business quickly.

Our Approach & Deliverables :

  • Using years of Lead Generation expertise the Unbound worked with the client’s sales team to quickly set up the quality criteria and targeting framework for HQLs.
  • Unbound then set up campaigns and processes/systems for generating, vetting, and classifying leads as HQLs.


Results :

Unbound generated sufficient quantity of High Conversion Potential leads to pass on to the Client’s sales team growing their pipeline revenue potential by 150% within a span of 11 months.