B2B Intent Marketing : A Customer-Centric Approach [FAQ]

Intent marketing has earned its place as an important marketing strategy for B2B companies in recent times. By leveraging technological innovations such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and automated marketing platforms, B2B companies are able to get insights from intent signals that buyers emit online.

Statistics show that more than 80% of B2B buyers visit company websites prior to making purchase decisions. A further 92% rely on trusted reviews to make purchase decisions. When utilized well, this B2B buyer behavior can generate significant customer intent data that B2B companies can use to drive sales revenue.

The popularity of intent marketing among B2B companies is driven by the fact that it solves a challenge that every B2B marketer faces – how to place their product or service in front of prospects at a time when they are ready to make a purchase. By focusing on the signals that prospects send on what they need or want at any given time, intent marketing can effectively solve this challenge.


In this eBook we take a look at:

  • What Is Intent Data?
  • How Do You Use Intent Data?
  • How Do I Get Extras from Intent?
  • Why Businesses Need to Start Practicing Intent Marketing?

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