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Sumeet Anand is a B2B Marketing Expert skilled in SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Content Marketing. He helps brands and businesses out there generate leads with his top-notch content strategies and is featured on various major media publications across the globe. You can connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.
How to Write a Professional Email Template
Introduction Looking around for professional email templates? Wondering how to write that personalized email without creeping the recipient out that they hit the “delete” button? You’re not alone. The modern inbox is a chaotic and intensely competitive location. The average working professional receives about 128 emails every day. When you are a B2B marketer or...
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A Quick Guide on Designing an Effective Sales Email Cadence
Introduction Are you unable to convert your prospects often? Many marketers use pre-built email templates and scripts while reaching out to their prospects. These aren’t always tailored to your audience’s needs. Another problem? Not following up with the prospects at regular intervals. When you’re into outbound sales, you need to engage with your prospects multiple...
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10 Best Email Marketing Platforms
Introduction Email marketing is one of the most impactful avenues for lead generation, customer engagement and after sales service. However, engaging customers manually via email can be challenging. Even with account-based marketing where you deal with a considerably small number of customers, you cannot effectively cover all customer funnel touchpoints through manual email campaigns. If...
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Before you take the first step towards marketing your business know this: there are tons of channels out there. Social media. Email marketing. Phone. Search. Even with all these channels, not everyone is going to be the right channel for your product. Even within channels there may be multiple avenues.  For instance marketing on Facebook...
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Introduction Imagine no longer having to sink your time into 1:1 selling! Okay, you may still have to sink some time into this, depending on your business, but you can limit it with email marketing. Email marketing allows you to quickly reach more people without using more of your time, so you can focus on...
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