Marketing automation
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marketing automation
Successful B2B marketing automation requires thoughtful planning, but once you’re ready to launch, it can take your sales funnel to the next level. Without using a predetermined workflow, your salespeople are like an army of blindfolded men, throwing spaghetti against a wall littered with failed campaigns and random leads. No matter what business you’re in,...
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How Marketing Automation Can Play An Enticing Role (1)
Introduction B2B marketing has changed significantly over the years. There is a total shift from outbound marketing tactics to inbound Lead generation strategies. Just like in B2C selling, humanizing B2B marketing has become critical – it’s what drives the inbound approach to marketing. The reality is that your prospects and customers are not just looking...
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Leverage the Power of Marketing Automation
Introduction One of the most significant shifts in demand generation is the move towards account-based marketing. Traditional marketers utilized a ‘one-to-many’ approach where tracts of messages were blasted to an extensive database. The age of personalization has now dawned on-demand generation. Marketers need to tailor their messages to suit personas and targeted accounts better. This...
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Introduction to Marketing Automation According to the Salesforce State of Marketing report for 2018, 44% of marketing leaders use a marketing automation platform and another 42% plan to use one within the next two years. As such, you are in good company to get onboard with marketing automation. The main reason for getting onboard with...
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how Inbound Maarketing Can Lead Your Company to New Heights
Introduction to Inbound Marketing Depending on who you ask, there are lots of definitions for inbound marketing. That said, there are two predominant types of definitions that we shall highlight below before we can dig deeper into how inbound can lead your company to new heights. The first type of definition essentially describes it as...
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