Influencer Interview With Top Marketing Expert, Courtney Kehl

Hello Marketers! In today’s interview, we had the opportunity to speak with Courtney Kehl.

Courtney Kehl is a seasoned marketing leader whose career has been built on helping high-growth businesses serve their customers better through leading-edge marketing strategies that utilize the latest technologies. She is President and Owner of Expert Marketing Advisors (eMa), a strategic, growth marketing agency based in the San Francisco Bay Area that offers complete marketing solutions to their clients specializing in B2B technology.

In the following interview, Courtney Kehl shares with us his journey and knowledge about B2B marketing.


How Did You Become Passionate About Marketing and Technology? What Made You Choose This Profession?

From a young age, I have been fueled by the external world – where it’s headed and how I can make an impact. Coupled with my creative nature and desire to succeed, marketing has been a natural fit for my personality. As I started my career, technology was on the upswing. Attracted by the fast pace and competitive nature of the industry, I decided to build a career in an area where my talents could best be served.

Having worked for businesses at all maturity stages from startups to large tech corporations, and now owning my own marketing agency, I’ve enjoyed the journey of learning about the different facets of technology at different stages, and evolving marketing strategies and tactics to showcase its value.


As a President and Owner of Expert Marketing Advisors, What Unique Challenges And Opportunities Did You Find In Your Journey? Who Mentored You In This Role?

I have had the privilege to work with some of the best talent in the industry. Some of them have helped me look at how to build Expert Marketing Advisors with their investor expertise. Others have helped me learn about growing from within the business itself – from hiring and retaining top talent to identifying the clients who are in our sweet spot to advance our agency goals. Running a successful business requires mentors with different expertise and backgrounds.


Courtney Kehl, How Can You Help Unbound B2B to Enhance Brand Awareness?

As industries emerge from the pandemic and look for new sources of revenue growth, the need for campaigns that raise a brand’s awareness is key. Expert Marketing Advisors was built to serve the B2B community, and through its talented network of marketing experts, the agency has established a solid foundation to help companies like Unbound B2B develop and execute the strategic framework quickly to raise brand awareness in competitive markets. Our team of agile, creative, and customer focused experts can help Unbound B2B raise its visibility by introducing new approaches that help marketing stay ahead of changing B2B buying behaviors.


Can You Please Explain How AI Tech Companies Are Changing Their Approaches to Lead Generation and Prospecting?

The introduction of AI has shifted the buying behaviors in B2B markets. According to Forrester Research, 43% of B2B buyers today are now involved in large, complex buying scenarios affecting multiple departments with executive oversight which is a trend from 2019 that has increased 28%. With data and information moving quickly alongside technology advances, the way we approach lead generation and prospecting must also keep pace. B2B CMOs will need to move faster, build a strong coalition among their peers and engineer cross-functional alignment to better engage with buying groups.


You’re one of the Most Influential Thought Leaders in B2B Marketing. Tell Me, How Do You Create and Maintain a Vibrant Online Community?

Increased brand awareness is the result of what happens when a vibrant online community is built and maintained. But getting there requires a plan and the right people within the community who want to share their knowledge and expertise with others. Once there is trust established within the community, helping to shape its growth is one of the keys that will help maintain its vibrancy. At Expert Marketing Advisors, we have helped many companies establish a community, and scale their brand.


What Are the Biggest B2B Sales Trends to Prepare for in the Next Couple of Years?

Coming out of the pandemic, charting new paths to customer experiences is key in the next couple of years. For sales leaders, the pandemic has proven that sellers don’t need to meet in person with buyers to be successful. The digital channel is a key buying trend that sales must be comfortable with. Successful organizations that respond to these trends will be able to attract, retain, and inspire sales leaders who can deliver the experience that B2B buyers will expect.

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