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Unbound B2B

About us

About Our Company

UnboundB2B is a marketing agency that caters to Enterprise and Technology companies across the globe to improve ROI on their marketing spend and shorten sales cycle with its market insight and demand generation services.

We are a 100% pay for performance company that provides end to end solution to Sales & Marketing including the creation of demand generation campaigns to fulfill clients MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead), HQL (High-Quality Lead) and SQL (Sales Qualified Lead) requirements. Every month we connect 1000’s of potential buyers with our customers globally from UnboundB2B platform that uses the power of BI, Data, Internet & Human Resources.

UnboundB2B was founded by Hi-Tech Industry veterans who embrace technology and innovation in Sales & Marketing.

Lead Generation

We understand that both volume and quality are highly important.

Appointment Setting

We help you to make the best use of your sales team’s time and expertise.

Data Management

We make sure that data is as valuable as gold.

Our Vision

Build it, and we will get them for you.

We operate like your extended sales team to deliver end to end sales enablement services from database management to lead generation and appointment settings, and we believe in delivering quality results that improve the ROI of your sales efforts.
We would confidently stake out reputation on our integrity and the level of service we provide, and we strive to build long term partnerships based on trust, value addition, and continuous improvement.

1000 Million
Audience reach
Leads generated
Appointments set
Client satisfaction

What drives your website great results

Fully automated end to end best practice process to deliver a world class solution.


Email Marketing

  • Email Program Management
  • Email Campaign Creative
  • Email Campaign Development
  • Email List Management


  • Whitepaper ratings
  • Conversion metrics
  • Audience affinity
  • Campaign heightlights

Target List Building

  • Sniper Targeting
  • 100% accuracy
  • Use role and technology keywords
  • Apply Suppression
Install Base Targeting

Appointment Setting

  • Extend your inside sales
  • Iterative agile based process
  • Pricing on actual attends
  • High quality conversation
Audience Reach

Audience Reach

  • 60 Million B2B contacts
  • Install based coverage
  • Target various departments
  • Targeted by role & technology
Lead Generation

Lead Generation

  • 20,000 leads per month
  • MQL, CBL & SQL lead Generation
  • Unbound quality assurance
  • Suppression Management
Data Management

Data Management

  • Maintain CRM data
  • Use both email & Tele-verification
  • Global standards
  • Data maintenance analysis