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Where we do not sugar coat B2B marketer’s everyday challenges and discuss actionable, realistic solutions.

  • Closing Gaps in the Relationship Between Sales and Marketing

    In this episode of the Real Talk Real Results podcast, Jonathan Hallatt and Rita Matuzic explore sales and marketing management, sales and marketing alignment, and how to improve the relationship between sales and marketing. Despite shifts in the B2B sales process (including buyers spending more time engaging with marketing before ever speaking to sales), the relationship between these teams isn’t as close as it could be. 
  • Understanding The Complex Role of Marketing in Operations Management

    In this "Real Talk Real Results" podcast, Rita and Annette dive deep into the business of scaling organizations and how marketing can best support business growth while facing budget and resource constraints. They discuss the secret sauce missing from most cross-functional communication, why change management is so hard, and how to think critically and creatively about resources.
  • Field Marketing & Demand Generation in a Post-Covid World

    In this "Real Talk Real Results" podcast, Rita and Alyse discuss Field Marketing's impact in a post-COVID era, emphasizing customer engagement, event strategies, and ABM. They explore leveraging field marketing for competitive advantage, transitioning from selling to thought leadership, and the importance of relationship building. The episode also touches on marketing for different target audiences and the evolving role of partner marketing.
  • ABM Strategy: Preventing a Watered-Down Approach

    In "Real Talk Real Results," Rita Matuzic and Colby Wren explore Account Based Marketing (ABM), emphasizing sales-marketing alignment and strategic fit. They discuss full-funnel tactics, SDR roles in ABM, and the power of targeted content and vertical strategies. The episode concludes with advanced tips on optimizing ABM campaigns, utilizing Google Search, and focusing on high-intent traffic for measurable outcomes.
  • How B2B Marketers Survive the Shifting Economy

    In this episode, dive deep into the evolving landscape of B2B enterprise marketing amidst economic uncertainties. Learn the significance of intent data, the pivotal role of (SDRs), and how agencies can complement your marketing strategies. As organizations face resource constraints, UnboundB2B CEO Ram Sahu shares personal experiences and offers a hopeful outlook for the future, emphasizing resilience and adaptability.

About The Show

“The Real Talk Real Results”  podcast is a podcast focused on guiding B2B marketers through the everyday challenges of building strategies, leading teams, and achieving tangible results. Nothing sugar coated here, these are real experts discussing realistic solutions. In the dynamic landscape of B2B marketing, many follow, but few lead. The “Real Talk Real Results” is your Marketing North Star amidst the noise of everyday business conversations.

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