How B2B Marketers Survive the Shifting Economy

About the Episode

In this episode, Ram and Rita discuss the challenges and real problems of how budget is shaping Marketing strategies while dealing with layoffs. Marketers are asked to do more with less, but Ram is seeing first-hand how Marketers are rising to the occasion to meet their annual goals with less budget. One of the biggest shifts showing significant ROI is ABM. ABM has become a Marketer’s secret weapon to meeting revenue targets and continues to be part of monthly, quarterly, and annual planning.

Ram also speaks to how seasoned Marketers are keen on retargeting, content marketing, and performance-based marketing. These investments are unlocking the highest ROI and enabling Marketers with the time to focus on Ram’s #1 favorite channel: email marketing.
Why email marketing? Opt-ins become the lifeline to feeding your pipeline – not to mention, it’s very cost effective. Ram highly encourages Marketers to leverage agencies as a partner in building your install base and use their intent signals for converting buyers who are in the late stages of their buyer journey.

Ram and Rita continue the conversation with social media, programmatic, 1st party intent data (and how to use it), listening for buyer signals, and much more. Ram closes the conversation with his ultimate advice for Marketing teams around the world who are navigating against the expectation of doing more with less.

Tune in for the Real Talk and Real Results they’re seeing with B2B Marketers.

Rameshwar “Ram” Sahu

Ram Sahu is a WW business leader, CEO, founder, investor, and advisor to some of the biggest brands in the world. He’s built several multi-million dollar organizations while advising billion dollar companies on how to build scalable business models that result in high ROI, unchartered growth, and long-standing success. He’s well recognized by the tech industry for trendsetting corporate innovation, marketing strategy, and sales excellence.

Rita Matuzic

Rita Matuzic is the host of the Real Talk Real Results podcast. She has over 12 years of experience in demand generation and digital marketing, designing and implementing global campaigns that improve brand awareness, drive revenue generation, and engage buyers throughout the customer lifecycle. Rita’s experience spans multiple focuses in the IT industry, including cybersecurity, fraud protection, DevOps, test data management, digital workspace, cloud security, and compliance.

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