ABM Strategy: Preventing a Watered-Down Approach

About the Episode

This episode of the Real Talk Real Results podcast demystifies the common misconceptions of Account Based Marketing (ABM), how to know if ABM would benefit you, and what you need to consider before running your next successful ABM campaign (including attribution). Don’t miss our host, Rita Matuzic, and our guest, Colby Wren, as they give you the ultimate ABM playbook to see immediate results – including Colby’s “must haves” for every ABM campaign.

Rita and Colby immediately pick up the conversation with a discussion on how to determine if your ABM strategy is too watered down. Did you know that ABM is one of the most prominent strategies used by Marketing and Sales? In fact, ABM is one of the few strategies that gives you the ability to be both selective and intentional with your targeted customer and prospect accounts. But strategies that are too watered- down waste money and often fail fast.

Colby shares his expertise on where companies get ABM wrong, how to know if ABM would benefit you, and what you need to run the best ABM strategy for your company. In fact, here are the key questions that every leader must ask themselves before running their first campaign:

  1. Can you afford ABM?
  2. Are you a large enough enterprise with the right sales cycle to support ABM?

Colby’s advice is simple: “You need to be able to accelerate the sales cycle and increase your ASP through ABM in order for this to be the right approach for you.” If your ARR isn’t at the right level, it can be challenging to have the budget to run long-term ABM campaigns.

ABM is about having the right full-funnel experience across the buyer journey, and this takes alignment across your sales and marketing functions. Without this alignment, you’re increasing awareness and engagement, but it will be challenging to see anything quantifiable with your ABM activities.

Colby and Rita also discuss the role of the SDR and where they fit in with running ABM programs. One of the biggest mistakes leaders make is mistaking Account Based sales selling with “targeted prospecting.” Colby discusses his strategy for creating the right level of awareness and engagement to ensure your ABM strategy is true sales selling with the right material impact on revenue.

Colby gives his top advice for running expert-level ABM campaigns – here’s a sneak peek:

  1. Less is more – find out why Colby suggests why an intricate 1:1 approach wins
  2. It’s beyond personalization, you need relevant content – listen to why he thinks some content goes nowhere, wastes time, and drains budget
  3. Think verticals – discover why this is a gamechanger for your ABM campaigns
  4. Tune in for #4 – this tip is perfect for targeting 250+ accounts and is the secret to building a strong pipeline with ABM…find out why!

Rita and Colby round up the conversation talking best practices around 1:1 & 1:many account-based campaigns, the strategy for dynamic ads, the value of Google Search, thinking about the end-user, attribution, focusing on high-intent traffic, and where to start your next ABM campaign.

Tune in for the Real Talk and Real Results they’re seeing with ABM campaigns that are not too watered down.

Colby Wren

Colby Wren is a Global marketing executive, entrepreneur, and startup advisor. He’s built and scaled world-class teams in the software industry over the last ten years. He believes in leading from the front and letting data be his guide to the future.

Rita Matuzic

Rita Matuzic is the host of the Real Talk Real Results podcast. She has over 12 years of experience in demand generation and digital marketing, designing and implementing global campaigns that improve brand awareness, drive revenue generation, and engage buyers throughout the customer lifecycle. Rita’s experience spans multiple focuses in the IT industry, including cybersecurity, fraud protection, DevOps, test data management, digital workspace, cloud security, and compliance.

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