Field Marketing & Demand Generation in a Post-Covid World

About the Episode

This episode of the Real Talk Real Results podcast discusses the impact of Field Marketing across the demand funnel including events, ABM, customer engagement, and Partner Marketing. You’ll gain insight into how to build the right event strategy, structure campaigns for prospects vs customers, and think about customer engagement as your competitive marketing edge.

Rita and Alyse kick off their conversation with discussing Field Marketing in a post-covid world and how engaging with clients is not only a challenge but if done right, becomes a key competitive advantage for companies. Alyse emphasizes the importance of engagement and aligning with digital to clearly define the success criteria.

The key for offering value at live events is simple:

  1. Offer 1 on 1 meetings with company executives and
  2. Work with 3rd parties on incentives.

This creates the right conversation for building a relationship and engagement. The strategy should be flipped from selling to thought leadership and customer engagement.

Rita and Alyse discuss the definition of AQL vs MQL and how AQL has become a lot more prevalent enterprises focus on ABM. Alyse breaks down the ABM secret sauce and more specifically, the relationship building strategy field marketing teams are following.

The conversation continues with discussing sales leadership needs, the ideal tool for tracking marketing activities in an account (tune in to hear about the tool!), recognizing what skill sets marketing teams need, structuring field marketing programs for prospects vs customers, and how to use customers as advocates.  

The podcast rounds up with discussing the different aspects of Field Marketing that includes partner marketing and how to fit these strategies into your existing initiatives. Alyse brings in her own experience of working as a channel partner and how the ideal partner synergy brings in real customer results. Don’t miss Alyse’s advice on how to run different campaigns to fit various engagement goals – this is key for tapping into extended audiences and using partner organizations to extend brand awareness. How do you track the ROI of your channel partner activities? The attribution is ever evolving, but Rita and Alyse suggest what to look out for. 

Tune in for the Real Talk and Real Results they’re seeing with Field Marketing and Partner Marketing including what does 2024 look like if Alyse had a crystal ball.  

Alyse Okumura

Alyse Okumura

Alyse Okumura is a seasoned Field Marketing leader in the IT industry with a background in cybersecurity, data protection, and storage. She has over 10 years of experience, building scalable demand generation programs, driving brand awareness, pipeline creation, and building high-performing teams.

Rita Matuzic

Rita Matuzic is the host of the Real Talk Real Results podcast. She has over 12 years of experience in demand generation and digital marketing, designing and implementing global campaigns that improve brand awareness, drive revenue generation, and engage buyers throughout the customer lifecycle. Rita’s experience spans multiple focuses in the IT industry, including cybersecurity, fraud protection, DevOps, test data management, digital workspace, cloud security, and compliance.

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