UNBOUND MARKETING PVT Gets Certified As 2022’s Great Place to Work®

UnboundB2B receives recognition as a “Great Place to Work” from the global workplace authority firm, Great Place to Work® Institute.

Mumbai, INDIA (January 2022) – UNBOUND MARKETING PVT has officially been certified as 2022’s Great Place to Work by the global workplace authority firm, Great Place to Work® Institute. The global employer recognition company runs a certification program that acknowledges companies for building a culture of high-performance and high trust among their employees annually. The Great Place to Work certification badge places UNBOUND MARKETING PVT among top mid-sized organizations that offer employees the great work experiences they need to deliver value to customers across the world. The Great Place to Work® Institute has already added UNBOUND MARKETING PVT to the Great Place to Work-Certified™ section of its website, exclusively dedicated to certified organizations. As he received the Great Place to Work® Certification badge, Rameshwar Sahu, Co-founder, and CEO of UNBOUND MARKETING PVT, said: “We are extremely honored to receive the 2022 Great Place to Work®. As a mid-sized IT company, this is a huge achievement. Our priority has been to nurture a growth-oriented, diverse and engaged team to help us grow the company. The recognition we receive today shows we are on our way to realizing this dream. Each member of our team has contributed meaningfully to this success. This recognition improves our brand significantly. It’s a win for the company and our 268 employees who’ve stayed the course, building our brand to what it is today.” The Great Place to Work® Institute certifies organizations as a great workplace after running an employee survey where 70% of the people working in the organization rate it in the affirmative. Congratulating UNBOUND MARKETING PVT for the certification milestone, the Chief Operating Officer at the Great Place to Work® Institute, Balbir Singh, noted that the Institute celebrates individuals who lead certified organizations as heroes. He further encouraged UNBOUND MARKETING to push the bar higher to inspire other companies to become great workplaces. Great companies take deliberate steps to make working environments for their staff. They strive to address their employees’ mental, emotional, financial, and physical needs to boost employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention. UNBOUND MARKETING’S Great Place to Work® certification is proof of the company’s efforts to address these needs for its staff within the Information Technology industry. It’s an achievement that positions it as an employee-friendly organization that cares for its staff even as it challenges them to grow with it.

About UnboundB2B Marketing Pvt. :

UnboundB2B Marketing PVT is a global demand generation company that helps Tech and Enterprise B2B companies generate quality leads and nurture them into paying customers. The company offers a wide range of marketing solutions that help B2B marketers maximize returns from their company’s marketing investments by shortening the sales cycle. For more details about UNBOUND MARKETING PVT, visit www.unboundb2b.com

About Great Place to Work® Institute:

Great Place to Work® Institute focuses on helping companies worldwide make their work environments great for their employees. Since its establishment, the Institute has surveyed 100+ million employees and used the insights to identify aspects that constitute great workplaces. The exception data gathered from employees in 60+ countries informs which organizations receive the Great Place to Work® certification badge from the Great Place to Work® Institute. Learn more about the Great Place to Work® Institute on www.greatplacetowork.com

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