UnboundB2B’s Annual Leadership Meeting 2020

UnboundB2B conducted an annual leadership meeting for 2020 on the 8th of January to discuss strategies for a successful future. Expert leaders from different departments gathered to exchange their thoughts and insights to develop stronger roadmaps for the coming year.

The 2020 edition of UnboundB2B’s Annual Leadership Meeting took place on 8th of January and all of our industry experts gathered around and expressed their thoughts and insights for a successful future. Experts from various departments gathered along describing their future strategies that will help UnboundB2B to grow as a brand in the marketplace and overcome all the barriers generating more business ahead. 2019 was a great year in terms of business but our leaders tend to make 2020 a year to remember! Roadmap to 2020 With the 2020 goals in mind, our main objective will be to get rid of bottlenecks and enhance the rate of productivity. Ranked Among the Top 20 B2B Marketing Firms in Lead Generation Services, UnboundB2B not only focuses on making 2020 a charming year for business, but also on improving the rate of productivity so that delivering high quality leads and helping other businesses grow will be a cakewalk This year we’ll be focusing on removing the challenges we faced in 2019 and achieve double the target of the last year.  

Mr. Manish Agrawal, Director of operations said “We managed to meet the increasing demand last year with our small team. Considering the increasing demand, we are expecting about 50% spike in our deliveries. With double the team size this year, we are all geared to meet this demand and make 2020 a year for the books”

“Our client retention rate in 2019 speaks for our success last year. This year we aim at improving our client’s RoI by refining our processes on lead engagement and expanding our audience reach. With our current roadmap and improved capacity, we can see an enhanced Client experience and long-lasting engagements.” says Mr. Victor Fernandes, Head of QA

2019 has been a fantastic year for UnboundB2B. We have acquired over 20 clients and partnered up with various global agencies in order to ensure a smooth and hassle-free running of business as the top priority for the company has always been customer satisfaction.

Our Co-founders Mr. Rameshwar Sahu, CEO and Mr. Nishant Agrawal, CSO thanked everyone for their contribution made to make unboundb2b a big success in 2019. With that being said we are looking to cover milestones in 2020 as team.

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