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Let’s face it, when you’re in charge of marketing, the buck stops with you. You have to be accountable for generating leads and filling quotas, and there’s pressure from above and from sales and finance—all looking to you to generate high intent MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads). It can be nerve-wracking when the sales team isn’t...
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content syndication
The most common issue that most B2B marketers face is a lack of traffic. Although there are numerous methods for attracting new visitors, Content Syndication has proven to be more effective than others.
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Saas software
Want to really boost sales of your SaaS software? Then listen up. Content should be the most important asset in your B2B marketing strategy. It is the one resource that you can use on autopilot to effectively move prospects through the buyer’s journey, increasing your odds for top-of-funnel leads – and sales. When executing a...
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content syndication plan
Quick Summary: Demand generation is a crucial component of sales and marketing that drives eligible traffic to your website. Content syndication is effective as long as you do it correctly and do not use duplicate content. Finding the right partners is vital to the success of your content syndication efforts. Do not treat your content...
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Content Syndication Strategy
Introduction For a b2b marketer, relying on a marketing strategy that features a variety of tactics can mean more awareness for your brand, ensure more reach and result in more sales leads. Key among those tactics should be Content syndication. It is a marketing tactic that involves distributing content that you have published on your...
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