B2B Appointment Setting Services

Ramp-up SQL conversions with UnboundB2B appointment setting service. Link your lead generation and sales processes. Schedule appointments with promising SQLs. Work with our dedicated teams to help your sales reps to close more deals and increase sales revenue.

B2B Appointment Setting Services
Appointment Scheduling Preferences
  • In-person 11%
  • 67% Online
  • Over the Phone 22%
Book meetings with decision-makers

Average conversion, call and form rate

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Book Meetings with Decision-Makers

Increase conversions, and connect with decision-makers, influencers, or users. Schedule meetings with individuals who make purchase decisions in your target accounts to close deals and grow your sales revenue.


Only Target Interested Prospects

Maintain a positive sender reputation. Keep a list of SQLs that don’t want to receive emails from your company. Respect a prospect’s decision to opt-out of email campaigns and keep your emails that are not marked as spam.

Target interested prospects

Monthly Cost Per Call ($)










Only spend money on successful appointments.  Set appointments efficiently, save time, and free your staff of cold-calling tasks with UnboundB2B’s pay-per-appointment services.


Grow your Sales Pipeline with Qualified Meetings


Identify and select potential clients according to criteria set for your product or service.


Launch marketing efforts on the chosen target accounts and create initial interest.


By gathering information, convert interested parties from the awareness campaign into MQLs.


SDRs reach out to MQLs to validate their interest and gather more details about their needs.


Arrange a meeting with interested, qualified prospects and gather feedback on your solution after the call.


Transition the qualified lead to the Client Representative for further discussions, negotiations, and potential closure of the deal.

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What is a B2B Appointment Setting Service?

B2B appointment setting is the final step your sales and marketing team takes in the lead generation process. Appointment-setting services enable you to determine the right time for a prospect to meet with your sales rep.

In the meeting, your sales executive provides a detailed sales pitch to the prospect with the aim of closing the deal. Outsourcing the appointment-setting function allows your sales executives to focus on understanding the sales- qualified leads and crafting a convincing sales pitch. This increases your sales revenue and ultimately grows your business.

How would a B2B Appointment Setting Service benefit my company?

Outsourcing appointment-setting tasks can benefit your company in many ways. You save time and money, so you can focus on your company’s core business. You don’t have to cold-call prospects or search for leads-a professional appointment setter does this for you.

Hiring an appointment-setting service also frees your time up so you can focus on selling your products or services. Hiring a B2B appointment-setting service can increase sales for your company. Appointment setters are able to target the most promising leads and link your sales reps to prospects who are interested in your products, and are therefore more likely to buy.

How is Appointment Setting different from Lead Generation?

Appointment-setting differs from lead generation in goal, strategy, process, and influence. The purpose of B2B appointment-setting is to place your business in front of qualified leads with a view of making sales. The goal of lead generation, on the other hand, is to find prospects that might be interested in your services or products.

While both require you to talk to potential customers, appointment-setting goes further to contact prospects and set a meeting date and time. When it comes to influence, B2B appointment-setting offers a long-term solution for fostering stronger leaders over time. Lead generation, on the other hand, enables you to expand your sales pipeline, engage potential customers, and close a few deals fast.

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Contact directly with your audience. Choose your Target audience from our database pool containing more than 150 million companies and 100 million professionals and make your own custom list

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Either you pick our own list to whom you want to target or if you feel your in-house CRM data may not be in the best of the stage to run campaigns or you need net new contacts. Use our list building service to build lists that are 100% accurate and relevant

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UnboundB2B will enable you to run the entire email campaign targeted at your audience. Either you provide a list of your audience, or you define it. UnboundB2B has a reach of more than 100 Million B2B contacts that enable them to execute the complete lifecycle of the email campaigns.

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