Programmatic Advertising Decoded: The Process, Successes, and Future Trends

This eBook provides a step-by-step guide on the programmatic ad process, its supporting technology, and future trends, highlighting its effectiveness in driving brand awareness, driving web traffic, generating leads, and boosting sales for both small and big businesses.

    Programmatic Advertising Decoded. The Processes, successes, and Future Trends

    Short summary about the book

    Since 1994, digital display ads have become an effective marketing strategy for small and big businesses alike. B2B marketers are increasingly using this marketing strategy to create brand awareness, drive web traffic, generate leads, and boost sales.
    But how exactly do you run a programmatic display ad that generates the desired results?
    In this eBook, we unpack the step-by-step programmatic ad process, its supporting technology, and explain the trends that will shape this marketing approach in the future.
    This eBook will help you understand:
    • What programmatic advertising is and how it can benefit your business
    • How to launch a programmatic ad campaign with a 9-step process
    • Tech platforms that power programmatic advertising
    • How companies have succeeded with programmatic ads with real-life examples
    • The future of programmatic media buying
    We have also included the real-time case studies that can help you understand programmatic advertising in depth. Download your free eBook and find out which strategies you can implement for your business.
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