Advertising for B2B SaaS: Leveraging Ad Platforms for Sales Success

Demand for SaaS products and services has increased significantly in recent years. By making cloud-based software solutions more accessible, SaaS companies bring technology closer to modern businesses. The increased demand has resulted in a highly competitive SaaS environment. One effective strategy companies can use to stay ahead of the competition is SaaS advertising. Read on to discover how ad platforms facilitate SaaS advertising and find out which advertising platforms your company can leverage to succeed in sales.
If you run a B2B Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company, then advertising for SaaS is a must-have in your marketing strategy. The SaaS industry has experienced exponential growth in recent years as companies across sectors spend more on SaaS products.
While the rising demand for SaaS products is a good thing for B2B SaaS companies, the market is increasingly becoming competitive. Today, buyers have many more options to choose from than they did years ago. B2B SaaS companies must do more to win buyers before anyone else does – this is where programmatic advertising for B2B SaaS comes in handy.
In this article, we explain how programmatic ads can boost SaaS sales and show the best platforms for SaaS advertising:

How Ad Platforms Support Advertising for SaaS

How ad Platforms Propel SaaS Marketing
Programmatic ad platforms use automated technologies to bid for ad space and optimize ad placement in real-time. When done correctly, these platforms support B2B SaaS marketing efforts in a variety of ways, including:

1. Generating Quality Leads

Programmatic ads enable B2B SaaS companies to target ideal buyers with high precision. With the help of advertising platforms for B2B SaaS, marketers can optimize ads to reach the right audience at the right time to generate high-quality leads and boost conversion rates.

2. Increasing Brand Awareness

Programmatic ads allow B2B SaaS companies to reach a wide audience through a broad network of apps and websites. This increases brand awareness beyond the boundaries of conventional advertising.

3. Improving Personalization

Majority of buyers only interact with personalized messages. Programmatic ads give SaaS marketers access to a huge amount of data that enables them to understand their target audience. This provides invaluable insights on how to personalize marketing messages and delivery strategies for better results.

4. Supporting Remarketing

Remarketing allows companies to nurture leads and boost conversions. SaaS companies can retarget audiences that have previously interacted with their brand with programmatic ads to keep their services or products top-of-mind.
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    Best Ad Platforms for B2B SaaS Advertising

    Below are 4 advertising platforms for SaaS that your company can use to reach potential buyers:
    Sr. No. Platform Logo Platform Name Traffic
    1 Google Display Ads Serves over 2 trillion ad impressions monthly to over 2.5 billion users
    2 LinkedIn-Ads Logo LinkedIn Ads Has 303 million active monthly users, 40% of whom visit the site daily.
    3 Bing Ads Microsoft Bing Ads Gets more than 100 million daily active users & more than 3 billion active users on monthly basis.
    4 Facebook-Ads-logo Facebook Ads In Q3 2023, Facebook had 3.049 billion monthly active users, making it the largest app in the world.
    Google display ads are the most dominant force in SaaS advertising. Depending on your SaaS marketing goal, this platform gives your tech enterprise multiple ways to bid for ads. Most advertisers go for clicks, video ad views, conversions, and impressions. Any time there’s an ad space on a website or search results, Google runs an auction to decide which ads will be displayed. You can bid for Google ads for B2B SaaS using strategies like:
    • Maximize Clicks Bidding
    • Enhanced Cost-Per-Click Bidding
    • Maximize Conversions Bidding
    • Target Impression Share Bidding
    • Target Return-On-Ad-Spend (ROAS) Bidding

    2. LinkedIn Ads

    LinkedIn Ads is another leading advertising for B2B SaaS platform in the social media space. With a wide user base of 500+ million professionals, this platform allows SaaS marketers to place ads right in front of relevant audiences through precise targeting options. With LinkedIn Ads, you can reach decision-makers in specific companies, seniority levels, job titles, industries, and geographic locations. You can use the sponsored content ad product to boost ad visibility by placing it through user news feeds. You could also leverage its lookalike audience and remarketing options to expand ad reach and maximize sales.

    3. Microsoft Bing Ads

    Although Microsoft Bing is not as huge as Google, but it has a business-oriented audience. Stats show that 52% of Bing users are decision-makers in B2B companies, making it an ideal advertising for SaaS platforms. Bing has minimal competition, which works if you’re working with a low budget. It integrates flawlessly with account-based marketing tools to enhance high-value account targeting. An ad strategy that leverages Google ads and Bing ads would work well for your SaaS company since Google Ads expand your audience reach while Bing Ads boost your lead generation efforts.

    4. Facebook Ads

    Facebook Ads is the other dynamic SaaS marketing platform. As an ad platform, Facebook offers SaaS companies a global reach, advanced targeting capabilities based on audience behavior, interests, and demographics, and varied ad formats for higher audience engagement. It also comes with robust reporting and analytic capabilities to facilitate tracking of audience behavior and ad performance. With most B2B marketers identifying social media as the major channel for revenue growth, leveraging Facebook ads can boost your SaaS company’s sales success.

    Improve Your Advertising for SaaS Efforts with UnboundB2B

    UnboundB2B’s programmatic ad service helps SaaS companies reach potential B2B buyers with relevant display ads. We offer a range of ad operation services including the development of ideal customer or account profiles and target audience segmentation. We apply advanced algorithms, data-driven insights, and real-time bidding to optimize SaaS ad campaigns for greater impact and returns.

    UnboundB2B’s Programmatic Ad Options

    UnboundB2B offers the following programmatic ad options to SaaS Companies:

    1. Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Ads

    We align ad campaigns with existing ABM strategies. Our team helps SaaS companies create ideal account profiles. These profiles are based on geolocation, industry, company size, job titles, and intent signals which assist in targeting the right decision-makers.

    2. Ad Personalization

    We help SaaS companies create and distribute custom ad creatives, content, and landing pages that resonate with the pain points of potential. Our team works with you to distribute ads across all channels.

    3. Data-Driven Ad Targeting

    We use intent data to unlock precision ad targeting so you reach the right decision-makers with relevant ads at the right time. We boost your campaign performance by helping you connect with audiences based on their interests, needs, and behavior.

    4. Ad Campaign Optimization

    We know the complexities associated with managing B2B ad inventories and trafficking across different ad servers. We offer end-to-end digital ad campaign support including selection and management of ad platforms, running ad operations, and planning and executing ad campaigns.

    Target SaaS Buyers with UnboundB2B’s Programmatic Ad Service

    B2B companies that sell SaaS products can only succeed if they adopt a targeted marketing approach that focuses on specific pain points, needs, and interests of potential buyers. Picking the right SaaS ad platform is the first step towards getting the right marketing messages in front of important B2B decision-makers. In doing so, SaaS marketers can build their brands, increase conversion rates, and boost their return on investment significantly.
    Whether you lead an established SaaS company or are building a startup, UnboundB2B can support you with ad campaign planning and execution. Our premier programmatic ad service enables you to integrate digital ads into your lead generation and nurturing strategy and helps you achieve your marketing goals.
    Reach B2B SaaS decision-makers with UnboundB2B’s Advertising Services.
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