Top B2B Email Marketing Strategies For Lead Generation In 2023

B2B email marketing strategies play a vital role in lead generation. The article highlights the importance of selecting the right Email Service Provider (ESP) and leveraging personalization techniques such as email segmentation and attractive subject lines. It emphasizes the significance of lead nurturing through email drip campaigns and lead scoring. The timing and frequency of email delivery are also discussed. The article provides practical examples of successful email marketing strategies. These strategies aim to optimize B2B email campaigns and drive lead generation effectively.

Introduction of Top Email Marketing Strategies

Looking for result-oriented email marketing techniques that will achieve your lead generation targets?
If yes, you have landed on the right page. Statistics say that a whopping 93% of B2B marketers practice email marketing.
You are having a list of your B2B prospects’ email addresses that you gained through various email finder tools, social media profiles, websites, etc. You now will head towards sending emails to your prospects. However, B2B email marketing is not limited to just sending emails but your email content should convince your prospects to make a buying decision.
With this said, B2B email marketing is definitely not a random approach task, however, if you get to know its’ hidden tips and secrets, you can build a business empire with the power of email.
Apart from just attractive email subject lines and convincing content, your business conversion rates also depend on landing pages, CTA, and forms that need to align properly with your email marketing plan.
So today, we are going to share some best B2B email marketing strategies that work in 2020 and will boost your B2B business with the rising number of leads.

1. Select the Right ESP (Email Service Provider)

This is the first and essential step towards building your email marketing strategies. ESP stands for Email Service Provider and they are the services through which you can manage your business email account using an online interface.
In other words, with ESPs, you can manage your company’s email marketing campaign through their email messages templates that include options for links, images, and custom layout design.
Some popular ESPs are AeroLeads, MailChimp, Exact Target, Campaign Monitor, HubSpot, etc. All these tools have their own tested email templates and each of them has unique features. They are available in the paid version. Hence, make sure all your emails are verified and genuine by using an email verifier so that your money will not get wasted by sending emails to fake ids.

2. The Power of Personalization

According to a Forbes survey, more than 70% of B2B buyers expect personalized communication via email. Almost all B2C and B2B buyers are looking for personalized marketing communication that will help connect with their needs and concerns.
Hence, all you should take more effort into creating an email that will cater to your prospect’s unique interests and satisfy their business needs. So how can you achieve personalized touch in your emails? There are several ways.
  • Segmenting email lists is one of them. More than 50% of email marketers believe email segmentation as one of the effective personalization. You can segment your emails by dividing them according to your buyer personas. Once you divide them, you will get a clear picture of each of your buyer persona’s needs and expectations.
With this, you can create tailored and specific content for each of your buyer persona and thus send personalized emails. If you are performing email campaigns, you can make your email more individualized by inserting your recipients’ names into emails and other industry-specific elements to connect with them in a better way.
  • Another key element of email segmentation is including attractive subject lines. Attractive subject lines are responsible for opening emails and more clicks. According to, a creative and personalized email subject line has a 30% higher chance of getting opens and clicks. Hence, spend more time crafting meaningful subject lines.

3. Importance of Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing refers to educating your prospects about each element of your sales cycle and resolving any of their related queries. Your focus should be on lead nurturing because your customers should understand the in-depth value of your service/product and why they should prefer your business for investment over other competitors. If you have a strong lead nurturing platform, you can easily identify the position of your buyers in the sales cycle and therefore deliver them the best possible service. When it comes to lead nurturing, nothing can beat email marketing.
With email marketing, you have the opportunity to develop a relationship with your prospect at every stage of your buyer’s sales funnel. One of the best long-term lead nurturing strategies is an email drip campaign. With this campaign, you can frequently deliver the relevant information emails into your buyer’s inbox according to their buying stage in the sales funnel.
For a successful lead nurturing campaign, you need to have a lead scoring system. Lead scoring shows you where your lead is placed in the brand’s buyer model along with directing you on how to establish the best communication with your prospect. Some of the key elements of a lead scoring system are:
  • Fit (Budget, Demographics)
  • Online Interest (Where they mostly spend time)
  • Buying stage (Their position in sales funnel)
Attempt for sharing valuable and beneficial information via email marketing. Your content should address their pain-points along with how your business solutions will solve their problems.

4. Send Emails at Regular Intervals and on the Specific Days

You will be surprised that sending emails on specific days and time instead of frequently have a positive impact on opening rates and engagement. According to the HubSpot survey, emails sent on Tuesdays have witnessed the highest open rates. In any email marketing campaign, especially in the B2B world, you should set email delivery time and date in such a way that it will align with your prospect’s business operating time. Never intend to send emails during weekends because, majority of B2B businesses are on holiday, and many of them are likely to become B2C customers, i.e. shopping for consumer goods.
You can set the frequency of sending your emails from once a week to once in fifteen days depending on your audience type. Along with sending emails, you also need to monitor your email tracking performance i.e. open rates, click rates, etc. This helps you understand how often or how little your prospects are needed to be communicated. If you observe an increase in unsubscribe rates or a decrease in open rates, you need to reconsider your frequency on sending emails or your overall email marketing plan.

Examples of Best Email Marketing Strategies

  • UnboundB2B
Unboundb2b is a Tech Lead Generation Company that provides full-funnel leads to feed your sales and marketing funnel. The following B2B email by UnboundB2B has tried to showcase how with the help of intent data, unbound has able to gain key insights on the Leads and deliver the right email content to the right person at the right time.
  • Campaign Monitor – Inspiration
Campaign Monitor is an email template builder. It has sent the following B2B email to its clients as a reminder about their tool. So you too can send such emails as a reminder for your clients about any new updates on your product/service. With such emails, you can monitor your client’s behavior and design your further emails accordingly. So Campaign Monitor is asking clients to create emails within minutes and also inspire you by giving an example of how their client Rip Curl attained positive results by using their service.
Campaign Monitor


Email marketing is one of the booming marketing strategies in the digital marketing world. The above strategies have proven effective for many B2B businesses. You need to spend time to assess your email marketing campaign along with keeping a sharp eye on your competitors’ efforts. Make necessary changes when you feel things are going wrong. So which email marketing strategies are you following? Share your thoughts in the comment section now.
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