Top 5 Facts of Artificial Intelligence for Social Media Marketing

The blog provides insights into the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in social media marketing. It explores how AI-powered tools and algorithms can enhance social media strategies by automating tasks, analyzing data, and personalizing content. It highlights key facts about AI in social media marketing, including its ability to optimize ad targeting, improve customer engagement, and streamline social media management. It also emphasizes the potential of AI to revolutionize the way businesses connect with their target audience and drive effective marketing campaigns on social media platforms. Overall, the blog offers valuable information for marketers looking to leverage AI for social media success.


Artificial Intelligence and social media marketing is everywhere today — from your car to your TV. Social media platforms aren’t also away from the reach of AI. AI in social media was valued at $815.53 million in 2020 and is expected to cross $3,714.89 million by 2026.
Artificial Intelligence and social media marketing
The role of AI in social media is something marketers can’t overlook nowadays. Almost every social media platform now uses an AI-powered algorithm to sort content.
Many BFSI institutions like HDFC bank and eCommerce pioneers like Amazon are leveraging AI technology to deliver excellent customer experiences.
Whether you are a B2B SaaS or B2C retail company, social media AI is something you can’t avoid any longer.
According to Deloitte, almost 75% of early AI adopters say that AI turned out to be “very” or “critical” technology for their business success.
Thus, marketers got to learn how AI works in social media and crucial facts about social media AI to gain a competitive edge.

What’s Exactly AI in Social Media Doing?

As we all know, AI is the computer’s intelligence to imitate human intelligence using historical data. Since social media is a data hub; thus, AI can use social user data to help marketers create remarkable user experiences.
Earlier, social media managers only used analytical tools to know people’s thoughts about their business on social networks. Instead, they combine a series of data to determine what, when and how people engage with their brand.
But, AI is now branched out to almost every aspect of social media marketing. For instance:
  • Creating personalized content
  • Determining the best time to post
  • Scheduling content posting
  • Responding to comments or DMs
  • Auto-responses via chatbots, etc.
AI in SMM is getting submerged due to the social media platforms’ adaptation of AI technology. All the leading social media platforms are now using AI algorithms.
For example, Instagram uses artificial intelligence to centralize its content review process. They have designed an AI algorithm to detect inappropriate content and create a safe user environment.
Facebook is also working on AI. AI regulates its News Feed, and Facebook text and images will depend more on technology in the future. The whole purpose of Meta Verse is to use data for creating the genius algorithm.
Twitter is also not behind in the race. The platform uses machine learning and AI to help users find relevant hashtags. Twitter algorithms also study user behavior to expose them to relevant content.
LinkedIn uses the Bright algorithm to track work experience, location, hiring patterns, and other data to match candidates with prospective employers.
All in all, social media and AI are one-thing today! Both streams work like well-oiled machines to help marketers drive maximum results.

How Can Artificial Intelligence for Social Media Marketing Benefit Your Business?

According to Forbes, consumers want hyper-personalized and omnichannel channel experiences today. In addition, they want consistent and personalized experiences across channels.
Artificial Intelligence for social media can do that job. This technology can enable businesses to use data to deliver a personalized experience to social media users.
Besides this, AI can help social media managers to gain the following benefits:

Know your audience

You can better analyze what your targeted audience is interested in and what content resonates with them by incorporating AI into your social media marketing. It can help you create more compelling content and targeted campaigns. It also lets you get a better idea of what times of day your audience is more active on social networks.
While most social media platforms include built-in analytics tools, many third-party marketing tools and plugins can assist you in gathering more data and better understanding your audience.

Boost user engagement

One of the most vital metrics in social media marketing is user engagement. The more users interact with your social content, the higher their chance to take action.
AI in social media marketing can help you increase user engagement in various ways. One of the most common methods is using AI to post content to your social media accounts automatically. It allows you to post content at the best times for maximum engagement.
AI can also help to increase user engagement by providing automated responses to messages. For example, it enables you to reply faster to frequently asked questions while freeing your staff to deal with other, more pressing issues.
Look at this interaction by Copypose on Instagram. This account uses a bot to make messaging faster for users.
User Engagement

Produce user-centric content

Another significant advantage of AI in social media marketing is assistance in creating targeted content.
To create targeted content, you can use algorithms and text analytics to identify your audience’s interests, demographics, and other information. This can guide you in creating content that resonates with your audience, resulting in increased engagement.

Generate higher advertising ROI

In recent years, social media marketing advertisements have increased a lot. According to studies, by the end of 2022, social media advertising spending is predicted to total about $226 billion.
It is easy for marketers to waste money on advertisements that aren’t targeted to the right audience. Thus, marketers can use AI algorithms to target ads better and receive higher ROI.

Reduce marketing costs

AI can help you save money on social media marketing initiatives by automating and streamlining your work. For example, AI can help with the following:
  • Automate and scale the production of social media content.
  • Reformat and resize creatives for various channels.
  • Automatically target audiences on social media with ads and control spending.

Obtain higher ROI

The main objective of social media marketing is to produce a profitable return on investment. You can increase your ROI by incorporating AI into your social media marketing in many ways. Here’s how AI can raise your ROI:
  • Fuel up sales
  • Enhance client services
  • Boost customer engagement through tailored content and advertisements
  • Increase brand recognition and loyalty

How Can Social Media AI Work Together to Improve Your Social Presence?

Artificial intelligence can influence each aspect of your social media strategy today. It can help you produce, track and measure your social media content’s performance.
Here are the prevalent social media marketing areas to use AI:

AI in social content creation

Your audience will engage with your brand more if you have engaging content. But unfortunately, it can take hours to create content for your social media pages, and even then, you’ll need to distribute it, handle interactions, and monitor its performance.
AI social media tools can create relevant posts with the proper hashtags and links in a few minutes after learning your brand voice and the types of content that engage your audience. It can also determine the ideal times to share a post to maximize engagement.
Additionally, you can use AI to monitor the performance of your social media posts. You can also produce content for your audience using these insights consistently. is the best example here. You can create attractive Instagram captions by explaining the context of your post. In addition, the tool will provide multiple content variations based on your feed input.

AI for better customer experience

Excellent customer service is a huge selling point for brands. The PWC report states that 73% of consumers consider a good experience important for buying. However, knowing your customers is the first step in ensuring their satisfaction and retention.
You’ll be able to comprehend your audience’s preferences and interact with them better by integrating artificial intelligence into social media.
You can develop content, target advertisements, and improve your services using AI. To offer the best user experience on social media, you can spot problem areas, address them immediately, and promptly respond to complaints.

AI to keep an eye on competitors

You must keep an eye on your rivals to determine how to outperform them if you want to stay ahead of the game.
You can quickly and accurately analyze your competitors’ social profiles with AI-powered analytics. For example, you can monitor their audience, engagement levels, conversion rates, customer satisfaction ratings, and the tactics that work for them.
With this knowledge, you can adjust your social media strategy to increase conversions and boost engagement.

AI in gathering insights

Tools like social listening can analyze social media posts at scale. Social listening helps you know what people think about your brand and identify emerging trends or new audiences to target.
Customers may be utilizing your products and services in ways you never anticipated. Understanding those use cases will help you find new ways to market your brand.
AI-generated consumer insights will enable you to develop deeper relationships with your audience and boost brand equity and reputation.

AI in social media ads

Organic social media activities can only take you so far. That is where paid advertising enters the picture. Many social media platforms include built-in advertising systems that brands can use to boost the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.
You no longer need to struggle when AI tools can generate compelling captions, calls to action, and images for your ads. In addition, these technologies can produce Facebook and Instagram ads optimized for more clicks and conversions.
AI can also examine the effectiveness of your ads and make recommendations to improve campaign effectiveness and drive better results.

Best AI Tools for Social Media Marketing

Now that you know how and where artificial intelligence for social media works, let’s check out the best AI tools for social media marketing:


Lately is a popular choice for those looking to incorporate AI into their social media strategy. This AI tool recognizes context from a larger collection of content, which can help to create social media posts promoting it.
Lately also provides a dashboard of social media tools for tasks such as scheduling and social media project management. Aside from these, Lately can be used to analyze metrics on social pages, which can help you determine the best posting times to reach a larger and more engaged audience.


Heyday is an excellent choice for those looking to use AI to generate content for their bots. This social media conversational AI tool interacts with humans in real-time.
It enables customer service representatives to perform the most valuable interactions while improving the user experience. Heyday uses natural language processing (NLP) and natural language generation (NLG) to personalize product recommendations and initiate sales.


Linkfluence is an AI-powered social media management platform that monitors and analyzes your social media channels. It also provides useful social insights to help you understand your target audience. Linkfluence obtains these insights by leveraging the massive data generated by social media users.

Artificial Intelligence for Social Media: Where Does the Future Stands?

Artificial intelligence for social media marketing will only become more advanced in the future. Therefore, you can expect to see even more AI tools in the future to help you boost ROI.
Improved AI ability to auto-reply to comments and messages on your social media accounts is one such improvement that is expected. This practice is currently centered on the use of chatbots.
However, as artificial intelligence advances, this practice will integrate into social media, where auto-responses within comments and chats can be personalized based on the users’ preferences and provide an almost human-like experience.
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