Why Global Companies Outsource Lead Generation To Companies in India

Businesses often outsource their lead generation services to countries like India due to several reasons. India has a strong IT history, advanced technological infrastructure, and a large pool of skilled IT professionals. Moreover, India offers cost-effective labor, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to cut down on costs. Indian lead generation services exhibit a strong work ethic, delivering results even under pressure. By outsourcing to India, businesses can benefit from specialized marketing strategies and expertise.


Why do businesses outsource some of their sales processes? How do lead generation services work? Well, companies utilize lead generation providers because, despite some pundits’ claims, lead generation is not an easy process.
In a perfect business world, every company should not only understand its needs better than anyone else can but have the capacity to meet those needs. Your passion and in-house marketing strategy should give rise to new customers and land you solid leads to keep your organization growing.
The painful truth however is that 63% of B2B businesses say that lead and traffic generation is a top challenge. Over 61% of businesses also do not have the right amount of funding, time, or staff to create robust marketing strategies that bring in useful leads.
To create and grow leads from diverse sources you need optimized strategies that work for each lead generation channel. This process is expensive, slow and its success requires a lot of time and patience. Lead generation service providers give businesses more revenue generation opportunities as they build their own sales processes.

Why Businesses Outsource Their Lead Generation Services to India

  1. India Has a History of IT
  2. A Multilingual Workforce With Excellent Communication Skills
  3. Cost-Effective – The Cost of Labor Is Low
  4. Work Ethic
Globalization has so condensed the industrial world that businesses delegate their functions to regions in the world that allow them to benefit from lower costs of operations. The world’s largest technology firms such as Microsoft, Google, Oracle, IBM, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, and Dell all have services that they outsource to Indian businesses.
The favorable cost of doing business in India attracts many organizations in the UK, US, and Australia to its large BPO sector. The South Asia populous country’s outsourcing industry is worth over $118 billion. Most of India’s outsourcing businesses are based in Bangalore, but Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, and Hyderabad also are popular business outsourcing destinations. Below are some reasons why India is a top-notch lead generation services hotspot.

India Has a History of IT

Number of Internet Users
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Data from India’s business process outsourcing management shows that over half of some of the biggest names in international businesses prefer India to any other destination for their business processes outsourcing. While there are other third party services business providers in Ireland, China, Mexico, and the Philippines, India’s services have taken the cup due to the country’s well developed technological infrastructure and a large pool of skilled IT professionals.
Indian cities such as Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Mysore, and Delhi have fantastic internet connectivity and state of the art tech hubs. Consequently, 80% of firms in the US and Europe rank off-shoring their services to India as a priority. More data shows that 56% of India’s off-shoring businesses originate from the US due to the availability of a robust and well-maintained ICT sector.
Such developments make India an offshore BPO that holds sway over 65% of the international BPO services market. The lead generation services offered by Indian businesses are accompanied by the use of vital customer relationship management (CRM) tools.
You will also have other marketing automation software working on your behalf, which will help you to keep track of all leads generated, and the marketing systems that these businesses use for your campaigns.
The data generated for all services can be analyzed in real-time to give a clear picture of the lead generation campaigns, its return on investment (ROI), and its costs. These robust data analytics can in turn assist in the optimization of the strategies to bring in even more returns for your business.

A Multilingual Workforce With Excellent Communication Skills

India has a 74% literacy rate and unlike its neighbor China that speaks predominantly in Mandarin, India’s lingua franca is English. About 10% of the Indian population or 125 million Indians speak English. India, after the United States, has the second largest pool of English speakers on the planet.
Indian schools use English as their primary language of instruction. Consequently, there are Indians that can converse with international clients in clear, native-speak English. Clear communication skills and minimal language barriers ensure that outsourcing process instructions are well understood and feedback is well communicated.

Cost-Effective – The Cost of Labor Is Low

Multilingual Workforce
Source: theweek
The major reason why businesses choose to outsource some of their services is the need to cut down on costs. If you are going to place favorable costs at the forefront of your policies, then you will find that India offers very cheap alternatives for business. Employment rates in the world’s second populous country range at 47%, meaning that the nation has a large freelancing labor force, the engine behind its large BPO industry.
Some services that may cost thousands of dollars in the US will costs only hundreds in India. It is cheaper to build mobile apps and websites here with startups especially enjoying fantastic turnarounds and costs. By outsourcing your business’s lead generation needs to India, you can enjoy a leaner budget as you focus on the other core business tasks.
Due to ongoing high levels of business competition in India, most low skilled freelancers have been weeded out by the system. You can, therefore, expect high chances of working with skilled lead generation professionals.

Work Ethic

If you choose to work with Indian lead generation services, you will not only encounter a highly skilled workforce but one with a strong work ethic. The Indian entrepreneur can work under pressure and deliver fantastic results even when resources are limited.
They are flexible when they have to change their scope of work, will meet your timelines, and are dependable and loyal. Indian lead generation businesses have had years of experience in marketing services and can design the most efficient ways of getting your brand closer to your customers. Indian lead generation experts can study consumer profiles and develop the aptest strategies that will positively influence your targets through helpful and valuable messaging.
Lead generation services in India are top-notch marketing agencies that have specialized in the best lead generation and marketing strategies. They will perform search engine marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, public relations, and email marketing.


Outsourcing your lead generation services to India has its benefits but there are some disadvantages as well. When choosing a service provider perform in-depth research to avoid poor quality and management services. Ask for testimonials and dig up information and reviews online to avoid a waste of time, effort, and resources.
The country also has a strained power capacity so your offshoring company of choice could go dark without notice. You will also need to adjust to time zone, culture, and language differences. Watch out also for privacy and security laws infringement by signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with your service of choice. The benefits however outweigh the cons, so go ahead and amplify your lead generation with the best India has to offer.
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