A Personalised Sales Script Can Uplift Your Inside Sales

A Sales pitch is one of the most important things in your marketing and sales journey for any customer. You can deliver a good sales pitch by understanding the basic framework that goes from understanding your prospect’s challenges to closing them. You can also implement storytelling in your sales pitch to give it a personal, interesting hook. We’ve also given some examples of great sales pitches for you to lift up.


When it comes to acing the sales aspect of your business, engaging the target audience plays a critical part. That’s where a solid sales pitch comes in. It’s essential to develop a fool-proof and convincing sales pitch that will grab the customer’s attention, and allow the sales team to leverage the advantages of a strong message. The sales pitch is what bridges the gap between a possible client and a confirmed client.

Mastering the Sales Pitch Framework

Sales Pitch Framework
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A sales pitch framework is a smart way to organize the unique aspects of your business into a marketable and easy to remember format, that will optimize inside sales.
  • Identify the challenge: Begin the pitch with a question or claim about the challenge or issue your brand is addressing, and share data that will highlight the magnitude of the problem. Once its seriousness is established, you can explain what your product will do to solve it.
  • Create a value statement: Your sales pitch is incomplete without explaining the kind of value your product brings. If you have concrete results, share how it’s making a difference among existing clients in simple terms. This is a good time to explain why the customer should choose you, instead of any other competitor in the market.
  • Get into the specifics: Once you have mentioned the kind of business it is, give the customer a glimpse into your process. How does the product help them? What kind of benefits can they enjoy short-term or long-term?
  • What’s the proof: If you saw a huge hike in sales of the product, got an award or have received orders from reputable companies, you should definitely include these achievements to bring focus on its ongoing success.
  • Stories from happy clients: When crafting an outstanding story for your product, be sure to include a human element that will influence a potential client. For instance, if there are heart-warming stories of customers embracing the product and finding their day to day lives transformed, make sure to mention this for a personalised sales script.
  • The ending counts: Don’t forget to close the pitch with an open-ended question or statement that will make the customer think, and encourage them to have a dialogue with your sales team.
There are many cases where a product launch refuses to generate enough buzz because the sales team and outreach partners did not pursue innovative strategies and positive messaging at an early stage. When done right, powerful messaging can speak to a user’s needs and push them to act. A well-made story can help sales mediums connect immediately with prospective customers in a meaningful way, and affect revenue growth.

How to Add Storytelling in Your Sales Pitch?

No matter what your target audience is or the kind of product you sell, everyone loves a great story! Effective storytelling in sales can be done by anyone with some practice and strategic inputs. To start with, you need to have a deeper understanding about why storytelling matters in this ultra-competitive day and age, and how it can act as a tool to steer the customer towards your offerings.
Add Storytelling in Your Sales Pitch
Source: Gong
  1. Learn the Basics.A good story is comprised of three main elements, a central character, a challenge or problem they face and how they overcome such obstacles towards a happy ending. Put simply, a story requires a good introduction, middle and ending. It also has to flow naturally in a way that is engaging, relevant and easy to grasp for a consumer.
  2. Decide on What You Want to Communicate.What is the main message behind your story? What do you want a person to remember after it’s told? Having a key point you want to make can simplify the framework of your story, and elevate the intent behind your sales pitch.
  3. Grab Their Attention.A story needs to be compelling as well as informative, in order to capture the attention of its listener. Depending on the target audience, you should use phrases and words that are relevant, while keeping the language free from any jargon. Don’t let the message behind the story become lost in the technicalities!
  4. Keep Practicing to Get It Right.It will take some time to create a winning sales script that captures the essence of your brand’s story. While it might seem like extra work, sharing the pitch with others to get feedback is always helpful. In addition, take time to read it out loud to ensure that there’s a natural element to the script. It may be helpful to tailor a few drafts to the type of audience you are catering to, instead of following a “one-size-fits-all” approach.
  5. Have a Personal Angle.To successfully close a deal, you need to personalize the sales pitch so that the listener identifies with it. Instead of a bland summary of the work your company does, you may want to include an insightful story about your motivations for creating the brand and how you helped past clients. A human connection is what elevates the impact of any story.
As part of a sales team, you may be wondering how a good story in your sales pitch may increase your revenues. While there are many tools you can use for a convincing sales script, different kinds of stories have the power to convey a message instantly and bring out a response from the customer.
  • Vision and Goals: There’s nothing more awe-inspiring than hearing about a company’s vision and goals towards changing the world with their product offering. On a personal note, you can delve into a story about the way in which your product saved a company from bankruptcy.
  • The Face Behind the Name: Sharing the story behind the face of a brand is a great way to create a strong bond with potential customers. If they believe that you are a responsible and dedicated worker that puts customers first, they are more likely to purchase your product.
  • Why the Product Matters: Being honest and sharing what the motivation was behind a product, may help customers feel like your brand encourages transparency and building trust among people. This can influence their likelihood of purchasing your product or signing up for the service you offer.

Sales Pitch Examples

Sales Pitch Examples
Source: Slidebean
Talk about the benefits, not plain facts (G2Crowd)
“G2Crowd is the user voice platform for people to accurately say what they think about software and not be told by analysts or people who don’t use it, or get a reference from the best customer. They actually hear it directly from the user and engage with people who actually use the product.”
G2Crowd’s pitch is a winner, as it taps into what is bothering customers today and shows how their service provides added convenience. It also highlights how customers prefer to hear from other customers instead of third-party analysts and people that are being paid to make a pitch. The pitch is easy to understand by all audience groups, and presents a powerful remedy through a platform storing reviews from verified users.
Keep it short and sweet (Brightfunnel)
“Brightfunnel is a marketing attribution platform designed to help marketers understand the true value of their marketing touches and their impact on the revenue and buyer’s journey.”

To Sum Up

There’s no need to tell a prospective customer everything about your product. The aim of a good sales pitch should be to arrest their attention and keep them wanting more. Brightfunnel has created a simple yet impactful pitch that tells customers exactly what they do, and what a customer can hope to accomplish using their product.
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