13 Best B2B Lead Generation Companies To Look For In 2023

Lead generation companies collect consumer data and provide businesses with suitable leads for their target market. It focuses on the top 13 B2B lead generation companies in 2023, highlighting their features, pros, and cons. Each company has its own strengths and pricing models, so it's important to consider your specific requirements before deciding. When choosing a lead generation company, consider your specific needs, industry focus, and budget, and evaluate their track record, client testimonials, and technologies employed.
Whether you’re running a startup, an SMB, or an enterprise, getting more clients is always a huge priority. The North American B2B industry is currently seeing fierce competition after the 2023 recession slowing down. So if you want to be the front-runner, you need to look for top B2B lead generation companies in USA.
To help you find the right partner, we made this list of the top 13 B2B lead generation companies. But, before choosing one, you need to know what to look for.

Key Factors to Consider While Choosing B2B Lead Generation Companies

Choosing the right B2B lead generation company is not a simple task. Here are some things you must take care of when looking for one.

Services Provided by the Company

Any average lead generation company has a complete portfolio of services to offer. Some of these are:
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • Content Syndication
  • Appointment-Setting
  • Account-Based Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Telemarketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
You don’t necessarily need to have all of these services in your marketing strategy. Ideally, the lead generation services you go for should depend on your needs. For instance, if you only need marketing-qualified leads, you don’t need to spend extra for telemarketing verification. Similarly, you will need it for BANT verification to generate sales-qualified leads.

The Company’s Experience with Your Niche

B2B lead generation is only done right when your provider knows your buyers. Check whether the B2B lead generation companies you’re hiring have the necessary experience within your industry. The first place to look for is their testimonials. If they have reviews from their existing and past clients in the same industry, you’ve found the right provider.
As a prerequisite to this, you should also have an ideal customer profile. That will include detailed information about your ideal buyer like demography, filmography, etc.

The Company’s Lead Qualification Process

Some B2B lead generation companies in USA are notorious for passing off poor-quality leads. You don’t want one of those to be your main provider. So, one of the first questions you need to ask is their qualification process for MQLs and SQLs.
Ask your lead generation provider about the criteria they use to identify MQLs. Ideally, they should run qualification processes like multiple interactions with content specifically created for you, asset downloads, etc. If you want an SQL provider, ask them if they include BANT verification or custom telemarketing in their lead qualification process.
Now that you know the factors for choosing them, here’s a list of 13 of the top B2B lead generation companies in USA.

Top 13 B2B Lead Generation Companies That Are Winning In 2023

Here’s a look at the top 13 B2B lead generation companies in USA that are making it big this year.
  1. UnboundB2B – The Best B2B Lead Generation Company
  2. Cognism
  3. Cience
  5. Callbox– Niche-Based B2B Lead Generation Company
  6. SalesPro Leads
  7. Upcall
  8. SalesAladin
  9. Salespanel
  10. SalesRoad
  11. DiscoverOrg
  12. Belkins
  13. CandorWorks

1. UnboundB2B – The Best B2B Lead Generation Company in USA

Top B2B Lead Generation companies in USA
If you’re looking for the best lead generation company to boost your demand, look no further than UnboundB2B. We use a host of different services and AI to find the most suitable customers for your company.
Focusing on the volume and quality of leads, UnboundB2B delivers highly qualified leads. The three types of leads we offer are:
  • Marketing-qualified leads
  • Sales-qualified leads
  • BANT-qualified leads
UnboundB2B’s ABM (Account-based marketing) content syndication allows direct engagement with suitable, valuable accounts. Based on your requirements, we also offer programmatic advertising, email marketing, appointment-setting, and telemarketing for BANT verification. With these services, you can generate high-quality leads for demand generation.


  • High-quality leads with strong conversion rates
  • Use of multiple strategies to arrange appointments
  • Weekly and daily reporting of analytics data
  • Using AI to segregate and provide valuable leads
  • Extensive lead qualification process
  • Broad reach for better sales conversions
  • It has an extensive reach of more than 150M+
  • Helps in running targeted email campaigns


  • Come with a base price that may be high for some
Pricing: The company adopts a pay-for-performance model for payment. This implies that you only pay for the quality of the leads provided.

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2. Cognism

Cognism is not actually a lead generation company as such. It is a premium sales intelligence platform. Again the company uses AI and generates company and event data for new businesses.
By signing up to the platform, you get access to technographics, firmographics, human-verified emails, and mobile numbers.
The software provides a mobile app and Chrome extension, which are both simple to use. They also maintain <b>“do not call”</b> lists to avoid harassing any customer.
The phone contacts are verified, so your team reaches out only to people interested in your product. Though there are still cases of incorrect contact details or dated information that causes inconvenience.
The platform uses advanced filters to get companies to reach out. You can use the data provided and have meaningful conversations with the customers.
  • Using AI to generate event data
  • Access to firmographics, technographics, etc.
  • Receive mobile numbers and email verified by humans
  • It comes with a mobile app and chrome extension
  • Maintain do not call lists
  • Difficult campaign launching process.
  • Adding notes for campaign activities is complicated.
  • Might face issues with dated contact information of leads.
  • Bounced emails.
Pricing: There are platinum and diamond plans, whose pricing can be discussed with the company after the demo.

3. Cience

A fast-growing lead generation company Cience is perfect for start-ups. You can get access to firmographics, technographics, and demographic data.
Interact with the buyers and even monitor the leads through the platform.
Cience uses a sophisticated approach when it comes to lead generation. With their software and outbound services, companies easily expand their business.
An AI technology base and the use of proprietary tools provide well-qualified leads. Plus, the multi-channel outbound campaigns set the pace for future success. But the inbound campaigns still show a lot of scope for improvement.
At Cience, the team uses tools to get highly effective, accurate messages delivered. Working on the below-mentioned five platforms, the brand’s reach gets multiplied.
  • Email- Value-driven and prospect focused emails
  • LinkedIn- Outreach campaign to garner more prospects
  • Web- An enriched web page is the best lead generation tool ever
  • Cold calls- Conducted meticulously to yield better response
  • Pre Targeting ads- Creating awareness and recognition for the brand
  • Use of proprietary tools to get qualified leads
  • Multi-channel outbound campaigns
  • Monitor your leads
  • Get firmographics, technographics, and demographic data
  • Works on five platforms targeting
  • Validated information provided
  • Lack of knowledge of the US market
  • Does not offer consultation or integration services.
  • Might face some problems bringing new members on board.
  • Lacks flexibility of working with existing CRM or messaging platforms of the company in some cases.
Pricing: Annual subscription

4. showcases its purpose through its name. The company provides its users with a dedicated team to handle the lead generation process.
You can call it a customer-oriented lead generation company.
Once the lead generation process is in place, the company continues supporting your optimization.
The leads the company generates are in real-time. Most data provided is compatible for use with CRM software.
Initially, the company asks for some important information. This includes details like:
  • Name
  • Company name
  • Phone number
  • Company details
  • Budget
  • Target customers
The leads get delivered in real-time. Customers can expect delivery of leads in different formats. Some of these are:
  • Email- You can request to one or more addresses
  • Text messages-Received for more than one customer
  • Direct CRM integration-You can get the leads directly transferred to popular CRM platforms
The company also offers a lead replacement policy. In case the lead received is below standard, the customer is provided a qualified lead to make up.
  • Provides a dedicated management team to generate leads
  • Supports the customer even after the leads are received
  • Pricing based on the type of requirement
  • Uses a multi-channel approach to yield qualified leads
  • Features are challenging to use
  • The quantity of leads may compromise the quality.
  • Small businesses end up wasting valuable time and resources in the lead replacement process.
Pricing: The details of pricing are dependent on your requirement. The company issues a fresh quote after checking all the details at your end.

5. Callbox– Niche Based B2B Lead Generation Company

Callbox is more into providing leads for niche-specific companies. They provide leads to B2B companies. Side by side, they also focus on specific niches like:
  • IT and Software
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Consultancy
  • Advertising
In the initial period, the company will provide details of multiple companies. Then it will identify the main stakeholders in the company and provide you the compiled data.
This tactic increases the probability of you convincing the lead to convert. Callbox uses various forms of communication to contact the leads.
As the first step, they call the leads and set up appointments. Eventually, when you speak with the lead, they have interacted with Callbox multiple times.
Your job is limited to a final interaction which causes the deal closure. This top lead generation company offers other services as well. This includes:
  • Event marketing
  • Database management
  • Account-based marketing
  • Niche based lead generation
  • Completes the lead conversion process even before providing the results
  • Flexible pricing as per the need
  • Multiple communication modes used
  • Appointment setting up feature
  • Provides other services as well
  • Very expensive for small and medium sized businesses.
  • More no show cases on setup appointments.
  • Fails to provide local one to one touch
  • Unrealistic quotes. There are other companies doing the same for less.
Pricing: To receive the pricing; you need to speak to a marketing consultant. He will go through your requirements and suggest a proper quote based on that.

6. SalesPro Leads

SalesPro Leads
SalesPro Leads is a company that delivers qualified leads and assists in establishing appointments with them. In addition, to achieve maximum outcomes, they provide complementary services with expert industry experience, such as inquiry management, lead nurturing, inside sales, database development, and management, etc.
SalesPro Leads is ideal for generating qualified leads through various channels. It helps clients make appointments with qualified leads or leads who meet the client’s standards. These leads are ready to buy or interested in the items or services.
  • Aids in the management of incoming queries.
  • Nurtures both new leads and existing customers to engage them in your brand.
  • Inside sales provide untapped income opportunities.
  • Attendees in any event (promotional event) are managed by regulating restrictions and confirmations.
  • Creates and administers the database.
  • Limited lead generation services—only focused on appointment booking.
  • Not suitable for B2C lead generation.
Price: Get a custom quote by contacting the team.

7. Upcall

To create highly-qualified leads, Upcall combines powerful technology with top-tier sales experts.
It works with leading brands like LG, Airbnb, QuickBooks, and Farmers Insurance.
Upcall works on simple principles. First, it supplies your company with a team of expert callers. They will make the calls and communicate with the leads on your behalf. Second, upcalls’ user-friendly software lets you check and monitor their findings in real time.
It’s an excellent no-touch lead generation strategy. They provide you with everything you need to engage with a contact without requiring you to make those calls yourself.
The best part is veteran dispatchers make the calls at Upcall. It gives you a competitive edge.
  • Lead generation through cold calling, appointment settings, candidate screening, etc.
  • Helps with appointment scheduling and confirmation.
  • A great market research team to run customer surveys.
  • Provides customer engagement services, including payment reminders, customer feedback, follow-ups, etc.
  • Expensive for small businesses and startups.
  • Good for only interaction with the US and Canada leads.
Price: Multi-tier pricing packages to get custom quotes from vendors.

8. SalesAladin

SalesAladin is a lead generation agency that offers various sales growth solutions and marketing operations to help businesses grow. It provides services such as B2B appointment setting, outsourced sales, outbound SDRs, account-based marketing, content strategy, etc.
SalesAladin is recommended for appointment setting with high-quality MQLs and SQLs.
  • It aids in market research for high-quality accounts based on the client’s ICPs (Ideal Customer Profiles)
  • Provides global appointment-setting service with MQLs and SQLs.
  • Creates the client’s website to engage prospects.
  • Provides various Mar-tech solutions, including the integration of sales and marketing products.
  • Solutions limited for B2B SaaS companies.
  • Some plans are expensive for small team members.
Price: Versatile pricing packages—get a custom quote.

9. Salespanel

Salespanel is a robust lead generation, visitor intelligence, and marketing enablement platform. This solution helps you complete various operations, including real-time monitoring of visitor engagement across multiple channels to lead qualification based on behavioral and firmographic data. It can also automate processes for marketers to share critical data with sales.
Sales receive new qualified leads directly into their CRM and data-driven insights to convert leads into customers. In addition, Salespanel assists your team in developing a personalized approach to guiding leads through the buying process.
  • It helps to track your entire customer journey across various channels.
  • Get real-time customer data to build your buyer persona.
  • Advanced lead qualification workflow to push only MQLs and SQLs to your sales pipeline.
  • Visual dashboard to analyze your top-performing marketing campaigns and analyze performance reports.
  • It is an automated platform so it lacks personal support.
  • Technical skills are required to use this platform.
Price: The basic plan starts from $49 per month. A 14-day trial is also available.

10. SalesRoad

SalesRoads is an advanced prospecting intelligence agency for creating stress-free sales pipelines full of phone-verified SQLs. In addition, they offer a wide range of appointment setting and lead generation services.
SalesRoads is great for identifying SQLs. Then, by calling the targeted leads, assessing them, and sending the results to the team, it brings the best leads ready to convert to the client.
  • It helps to set appointments with qualified leads.
  • It filters the leads to determine whether they are qualified or not.
  • The agency promotes only qualified leads.
  • Provides sales-qualified leads who have been phone verified and are ready to buy or invest.
  • They call the target, evaluate them, and share the results with the client’s team.
  • Unclear pricing packages.
  • It is only suitable for SQLs qualification.
Price: Get a custom quote.

11. DiscoverOrg

DiscoverOrg is a B2B contacts hub. They’ll put you in touch with B2B leads and provide you with company data so you can make an informed decision before pitching a prospect.
DiscoverOrg guarantees that their information is at least 95% correct. This is because they use a process that combines humans, technology, and research.
It is a cloud-based platform that is simple and easy to use for anyone. In addition, the database will provide you with an advantage over your B2B competitors.
This lead generation agency has a free trial that you won’t get from many agencies working in this industry. So, it is a great company for people starting with lead generation.
  • Data-driven solutions for sales, marketing, operational, and recruiting teams.
  • It helps to connect with key decision-makers in the company.
  • It assists you in defining your customer profile using real-time data.
  • You can implement smart sales technology with this platform.
  • The customer support system could be better.
  • It offers limited services to manage your business operations.
Price: You need to get a custom quote from the company. There is a free trial also available.

12. Belkins

Belkins is a lead generation agency that assists its users with email deliverability, converting MQL to SQL, appointment setting, and many other tasks. In addition, it provides everything you need to build a sales funnel, such as building a list of qualified leads and setting appointments with them.
Belkins is advised for its features, such as email deliverability fixing and appointment setting, which allow sales teams to focus on selling or converting leads rather than on their associated issues.
  • Helps to schedule appointments with prospects on your behalf.
  • Trained Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) and copywriters can help you generate leads.
  • Assists in identifying the most qualified leads from all available paid and free sources.
  • Provides email deliverability-related services.
  • Connect with prospects on LinkedIn by offering influencer marketing strategies as well.
  • They need more pricing packages.
  • Some features are expensive and only available in the premium package.
Price: Get a quotation from the company based on your business requirements.

13. CandorWorks

CandorWorks enables your team to concentrate on sales while they address lead generation.
The firm focuses on integrated demand generation. This enables them to provide your company with a steady stream of high-quality leads.
CandorWorks guarantees that their lead information is 100% accurate. CandorWorks will replace any invalid leads you find. You will only be charged for leads that are generated and qualified. They will also help you with lead generation campaign strategy, planning, execution, and follow-up.
  • They offer multiple pricing packages you can select per your budget and business requirements.
  • They also have flexible pricing packages; you can upscale or downscale anytime.
  • The company also offers marketing data management and account-based marketing services to generate high-quality leads.
  • They need fast customer support system service.
  • Most services are useful for marketing teams, but sales operations don’t get much support.
Price: Get a custom quote.

Wrapping Up

When establishing a new business getting well-qualified leads holds prime importance. The success of lead generation campaigns is the first step toward business growth.
Fortunately, B2B Lead generation companies help give you the required assistance. Most of these companies have their systems well established.
They use practiced strategies to generate leads that give your business holistic exposure.
At Unbound B2B, lead generation is taken rather seriously. The company is acing the markets with its chalked-out lead creation tactics.
When in a dilemma about using lead generation, a suitable B2B lead generation company proves helpful. With its dedicated and customer-friendly approach UnboundB2B provides the required breakthrough.
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