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IT Company Drives Webinar Registrations with UnboundB2B’s Content Syndication Solution

An IT company hired UnboundB2B to run a promotion campaign that would attract the right audience to its webinar. Read on to find out how the campaign delivered 700+ registrations for the company within a month.
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Campaign Type

Webinar Promotion (MQLs)

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Target Location:

North America & EMEA

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Email Marketing

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Target Audience:

CIO, CTO, VP (IT), IT Director, Head of IT, IT Manager

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Target Industry:

All Industries except NGOs, Hospitals and Real estate

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100 – 2000

About the Client

The client is a Tech Company that specializes in digital transformation. It offers Integrated Information Technology and Software services to businesses globally. The company focuses on helping enterprises evolve their core by leveraging automation, application development and management, and infrastructure solutions.

The Challenge

The company had planned a live webinar to educate users about new IT solutions that were under development. The goal of the webinar was to reach a wide audience with this information and generate quality leads. However, the company was experiencing difficulties identifying the relevant audience and getting many webinar registrations. To address these challenges, the company decided to outsource the lead generation task of promoting the webinar and get the quality prospects. After a long evaluation process, the client decided to go with UnboundB2B.

The top highlights from what we noticed

The client was struggling with four key challenges:

Difficulties promoting the webinar to a wide audience

Problems getting many people from to register for the webinar

Content syndication webinar registration

Difficulties in attracting and generating high quality leads

Reducing return on investment

Our Solution

The client wanted people from different parts of the world to register for a webinar where newly designed products would be introduced. UnboundB2B’s task was to undertake a webinar promotion campaign to achieve this goal within a month. Our cross-functional teams, which include copywriting, creative, email marketing, and technology, created an end-to-end process for the client to deliver the campaign. A strategy and execution plan was delivered, the marketing team was responsible for overseeing execution and progress analysis. UnboundB2B implemented the solution in three key steps:

1. Building Account List: Our team reached and developed a list of accounts based on clients specifications. These included geographic considerations that included the USA, Canada, and some parts of EMEA like the UK, France, and Germany.

2. Landing Page Development: Our designers developed compelling landing pages complete with lead capture forms along with the webinar theme and details. The form featured custom questions provided by the client.

List Building

Strategy used to identify prospects

Webinar Landing Page

Tool used to capture prospect details

Drip Email Campaign

Drip Email Campaign

3. Email Promotion: Our team designed a series of drip email campaigns with multiple touch points. The first set of emails was delivered to prospects roughly two weeks to the webinar date. Email messages were customized to suit the interest of prospect accounts identified. The second set of emails was delivered one week to the webinar, and the third a day to the event. A “Last chance to register” email was delivered to prospects who hadn’t registered a day to the event.

Role Distribution among attendees

Webinar Registrations

UnboundB2B successfully completed a 1-month webinar promotion campaign for the client. Our team created a list of target accounts that were likely to register for the webinar based on specifications provided by the client. The campaign created new opportunities for the client to engage with the new set of potential buyers.

Webinar Registration content syndication

Boost Registrations for your Upcoming Webinar

UnboundB2B specializes in B2B demand generation for Tech and Enterprise companies. Contact us to find out how our content syndication solution can boost webinar registrations for your company, shorten your sales cycle and maximize returns for the marketing investment you make.

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