Understanding The Complex Role of Marketing in Operations Management

About the Episode

Marketing plays a huge but sometimes misunderstood role in scale and change management. Given third-party platforms, agencies, contractors, and a wide range of marketing tools (not to mention ads, content, and email), few teams can scale as effectively as marketing can—but only when it’s done right.

That’s why we met with Annette Reed to dive deep into the business of scaling organizations and how marketing can best support business growth while facing budget and resource constraints.

In this episode of the Real Talk Real Results podcast, Annette and Rita Matuzic discuss:

  1. The necessity of building a foundation to scale—and how to get there
  2. The secret sauce missing from most cross-functional communication
  3. Why change management is so hard (and what you can do about it)
  4. How to think critically and creatively about resources

With a rich background in several marketing disciplines, Annette’s approach centers on constructive empathy and consistent operations management efforts, from communicating with stakeholders to using project management tools, establishing processes, and building teams.

Tune in to learn more about the Real Talk Real Results you can expect with the right foundation and practices in play.

Annette Reed

Annette Reed is a seasoned marketing professional with nearly two decades of experience, currently serving as the Senior Director of Global Campaign Strategy and Demand Generation at SentinelOne. She has built a successful career across various facets of marketing, including Product, Brand, Channel, Retail, and Corporate marketing. Her comprehensive expertise has enabled her to design holistic end-to-end customer experiences, develop strategic marketing plans, and create integrated demand campaigns that surprise and delight customers. In her role at SentinelOne, Annette’s digital and campaigns teams lead initiatives that drive global pipeline growth.

Rita Matuzic

Rita Matuzic is the host of the Real Talk Real Results podcast. She has over 12 years of experience in demand generation and digital marketing, designing and implementing global campaigns that improve brand awareness, drive revenue generation, and engage buyers throughout the customer lifecycle. Rita’s experience spans multiple focuses in the IT industry, including cybersecurity, fraud protection, DevOps, test data management, digital workspace, cloud security, and compliance.

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