B2B Content Marketing
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Shawn Hadden is a digital marketing strategist. He provides innovative and results-driven internet marketing solutions so that business owners become even more successful in their chosen fields of endeavor.
Introduction If anyone told you that one day, you would have to market and sell your products virtually, you would have probably asked them to check if their crystal ball was broken, right? Yet, here we are; social distancing is the norm and like it or not, you have to conduct complicated product demos on...
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Content Driven Marketing
Introduction Customer interaction is an integral part of digital marketing and an important metric that helps B2B companies determine the effectiveness of their content marketing efforts. Increasingly, people are viewing and responding to content based on how engaging it is. This is reflected in B2B content marketing goals.  A report by Content Marketing Institute shows...
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Content Marketing Benefits
Introduction of Content Marketing Benefits As a marketer, manager, or business owner, understanding your audience is everything. Sometimes, your audience may change or evolve, and you need to be aware of how your target audience shifts as you try to absorb and engage them in your agenda. That said, engagement is a two-way relationship. In...
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Important Is Brand Storytelling
Introduction Story telling dates back to the origin of humans. Every civilization has had its own way of capturing stories that are important to their history: before the internet, radio and books, our ancestors painted in caves for millennia and passed down folk tales to younger generations. They used storytelling as a medium for learning,...
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Content Marketing
Introduction As the Web evolves, so has the way people search and the way marketers have had to adjust their strategies to maximize reach. For the SEO community, Voice Search and mobile user experience are top priorities, since so many “Assistant” technologies continue to emerge, untethering us from our phones and keyboards to get the...
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