10 Signs That You Should Know While Hiring a Lead Generation Partner

A lead generation partner is essential for businesses aiming to increase sales and target their audience effectively. They provide organic leads, particularly beneficial for B2B sales and complex sales models. Start-ups can benefit from their guidance and quality leads. Outsourcing lead generation saves time, improves sales processes, and reaches the target audience with valid leads. It creates a win-win setting, saves money, and boosts brand visibility. Ultimately, a lead generation partner helps businesses generate quality leads and drive growth.


As a business owner or salesperson, who makes B2B sales, your primary objective is to sell as many goods and services as possible. To sell, you’ll have to reach out to as many people or companies that might be interested. While reaching out to potential buyers, you’ll need to have a target audience, not just random people, but people who will likely make a purchase. To achieve this, you need reliable, organic, and detailed leads from a lead generation partner.
Now this ‘lead generation task’ may sound fairly simply but practically, it takes specialized skills to achieve the desired outcome. And that’s where a lead generation partner can help.

Now, Who Are Lead Generation Partners?

Before you seek to know who lead generation partners are and the role they play, you must know what lead generation basically is.
Lead generation is a very useful method for both offline and online businesses, it’s a technique of attracting a targeted audience or category to your business (whether kiosks, shop or website). If you successfully pull the relevant traffic to your business, it would inevitably boost sales. Lead generation companies make use more of sophisticated techniques and tools to generate leads for a small fee.
Lead funnel
Businesses can generate their leads without help, but how reliable are these DIY lead generation techniques? Not to talk of the effort and intensity it takes to create an organic lead. You don’t have to go through the stress when you can get a company to provide this lead for a token. If you still are in doubt of the need to have a lead generation partner, here are ten signs that tells you your business needs a reliable partnership.

#1.  You Need to Generate Organic Leads

If you want to boost profits and take your business to the next level, that’s enough sign that you need a lead generation partner. From all indications, businesses that partner with lead generation companies always do better than their competitors. With a good partnership, you’ll get organic leads, which will help you sell more, and make more profit than businesses that either try to generate leads themselves or don’t run leads generation at all.
If your business involves B2B sales, then spending on lead generation is a smart move. The partnering company will provide organic leads, all you’ll need to do is to convert those leads to paying customers; this will improve sales and boost your profit ratio.
Inbound marketing lead Process

#2. Your Sales Model is Complex

When your sales volumes are high and the sales cycle is lengthier or complex than usual, it becomes difficult for your sales representatives to reach the appropriate decision-maker on time. This delays the process and often you end up losing significant deals. In such situations, a lead generation partner can be of great help. A major part of their role will be to focus on qualifying leads and setting up calls with the sales representatives. The sales reps will be free from generating leads and filling in pipelines and direct all their efforts in closing the deals.

#3. You have Just Started Out

All start-up businesses have that intense urge to grow in the fastest time possible. The only way you can help it grow is through profit and a broad customer base. Lead generation companies give start-ups a detailed plan and quality leads. It also helps improve young business operations as well as boost their finances. Your partner will help you choose the perfect demographics/target audience; they’ll also help you do the necessary research.

#4. Your Sales Costs are Hitting the Roof

As soon as you realize that your sales costs are skyrocketing, you decide to fire a smaller/significant percentage of your employees. But does that solve the problem? In most cases, NO. How could you improve the situation? By making your employees work as a cohesive group and focusing on increasing your sales. Now to achieve this, you need to direct your attention to the sales reps force and check where you could cut down the waste. The key point here is to improve the efficiency of the sales org by generating quality leads. And no better situation than this to hire a lead generation partner to generate quality leads and directing the focus of your sales reps to close the deals.
Close the deals

#5. Your Sales Process Needs to be Recalibrated

An outbound lead generation partner can be your best bet to discover prospects and try new and varied markets. But even better, they are extremely efficient when it comes to improve your sales processes. As your lead generation partner converses with your prospects on a regular basis, it provides them with a further edge of what is and what is not working for your company’s pitch. This will further enable them to try out new and different strategies which also involves receiving feedback and building awareness about your brand. Further, they are equipped with the appropriate analytics tools to gain a deeper insight into the market and help you build and implement a sales strategy that works for you.

#6. You want to Save Time

Outsourcing your needs to a lead generation partner will actually save you lot of time, which you could use to work on pipeline opportunities or close more business deals. You will also benefit from the recruitment process as it may take a lot of time to hire full-time lead generation executives.

#7. You Want to Reach your Target Audience through Valid Leads

When we talk about the target audience, we are talking about categories like age, gender, geographical location, and more. Let’s say you sell game consoles; your target audience should be categorized by age; let’s say 8 years to 22 years old. If you sell makeup kits, your target audience should be females. If you sell farm tools, then your target audience should be the rural environment. With the help of a good lead generation company, you’ll be able to target your desired customers. This means you’ll only reach out to people who have the prospect of buying your goods or service.
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#8. You Want to Create a Win-Win Setting

The easier it is to make transactions, the more loyal customers you will have. If you have organic leads, you’ll be able to pitch your products or services to people who likely need it. Your prospective customers will be relieved from the stress of doing research or making comparisons (thanks to your pitch).

#9. You Want to Save Money

We all know that it is not possible to achieve everything all by yourself and that bigger accomplishments are usually the result of collective efforts. This implies that if you divide your spend between multiple agents, you will benefit from their collective efforts. The fact that you will spend a considerable amount on lead generation activities in the beginning cannot be ignored, but in the long run, you will benefit from this spend. Once you hire a lead generation partner, you will not have to manage all tasks by yourself including chasing the leads. You can focus on just improving the other aspects of your business.
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#10. You Want to Increase the Visibility of Your Brand

We all are aware of the power of social media. Are you sure you make optimum use of social media through blogging and other marketing channels to increase your brand awareness? Do you do it all by yourself or you have hired someone who handles it all? You may be lucky or not so lucky depending on how targeted these brand awareness activities. Here you can consider hiring a lead generation partner, who will build a strong awareness of your target market and then work on a social media strategy that works best for you.


There is no static marketing strategy. The basis of today’s digital marketing is communication; the best way of communicating with potential buyers is with quality leads, if you need quality leads, you’ll have to work with the right lead generation partner. From the ten signs listed above, you’ll be able to know when you need a lead generation partner.
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