12 Best B2B Sales Strategies To Boost Your Revenue In 2023

To scale up your business in 2023, it's crucial to update your B2B sales strategies. Key strategies include competitive analysis, LinkedIn marketing, finding new data sources, developing buyer personas, creating thought leadership content, refining the sales funnel, aligning sales and marketing teams, leveraging email marketing, adopting technology, utilizing dark social, educating sales reps, and personalizing social selling. Monitoring sales metrics and adapting strategies based on market conditions is vital. Professional assistance is available to support your growth.


Are you all set to scale up your business in 2023? Yes!
Then, you must revisit and revamp your B2B Sales Strategies to meet the new market dynamics.
There is no secret that buyers’ behaviors and market trends never remain still. Instead, the B2B industry’s axis spins yearly with new technology and economic shifts.
For instance, a recent Salesforce report shows that 47% of B2B businesses plan to use artificial intelligence more in the coming years. Another study says that 46% of businesses plan to increase their account-based marketing spending.
And here, you are still using your old B2B sales strategy to generate more revenue in 2023.
Sorry to say, but this isn’t going to happen!
You need new and dynamic B2B sales strategies to speed up your growth in 2023. And that’s what we will discuss today so let’s get started.

Top 12 Lead Pouring B2B Sales Strategies for 2023

Generating and converting B2B leads is hard nowadays. More than simple keyword dumping and seasonal social media posting is required for further growth.
You need to revise your B2B sales plan for 2023 to boost your revenue figures. And you can start that with the following strategies:

Strategy 1. Run a SWOT analysis on your competitors

B2B marketers should keep one eye on their competitors at all times.
Begin by conducting a competitive analysis. It will assist you in determining who they are, their strengths, and their weaknesses. Then consider how you can better market to your shared audience.
Simply providing a more affordable solution will not work anymore.
Examine their website, social media advertisements, paid and organic keyword targeting, and overall messaging.
Assume your competitor has a large advertising budget but isn’t trying to provide niche content. That is where you can step in.
Furthermore, if you notice that their messaging needs to speak to your customers in a simpler way that they understand, you can improve yours.
Do this before creating your B2B digital content. It’ll help you produce content that your competitors are missing out on.
For example, using Ahrefs, you can analyze your core competitors’ SEO and PPC efforts. As a result, you can target top-ranking keywords that your competitors aren’t targeting yet.
It can help you gain a competitive edge.

Strategy 2. Focus on LinkedIn marketing

LinkedIn is the best social network for B2B businesses to hang out with their targeted audiences.
Over 57 million businesses are already on LinkedIn, making it easy to build your community.
Further, it has tools like Sales Navigator to help you find the targeted leads.
Besides this, LinkedIn helps you build a personal connection with your audience.
Business executives can build their personal brand by posting regular content and engaging with other people’s content. It can create a human image of your brand, leading to gaining customers’ trust.
You can follow the LinkedIn profiles of famous business leaders to understand how they connect and sell via LinkedIn. Gary Vaynerchuk’s LinkedIn content style, engagement tactics, and profile optimization method are something to analyze and follow in 2023 for business leaders.
Gary Vaynerchuk’s LinkedIn

Strategy 3. Find your new data sources

This year, Google intends to phase out third-party cookies.
It will make precise targeting more complex. Marketers/salespeople will also need to find new ways to collect data, particularly if they want a successful B2B marketing/sales strategy in 2023.
Marketing teams intend to accomplish this by generating prospecting lists from first-party data.
UnboundB2B, for example, provides secure, GDPR-compliant data to power your B2B marketing strategies.
The lists you create with UnboundB2B contain accurate account and contact information. In addition, it includes precise business emails, mobile phone numbers, and social handles, allowing you to take immediate action across multiple channels.
Other popular data targeting strategies include:
  • Refreshing existing third-party data to create retargeting campaigns.
  • Paid ads boosted gated content lead-generation campaigns.
  • In Google ads, combine broad-match keywords and audience targeting.
  • Using alternatives to Google, such as Microsoft.
  • Doing your own marketing experiments to collect psychographic information.
  • Investigating demographics on the LinkedIn website.

Strategy 4. Develop your buyer persona

One of the most critical aspects of a B2B sales strategy is identifying and targeting the right audience. Creating leads and closing sales with an audience that will find your products helpful in the long run is challenging.
But, customers can become product evangelists, increasing the effectiveness of your marketing spend.
Your team should first create detailed customer personas to target such prospects accurately. These personas are developed by analyzing and interviewing your current customers.
Identifying demographic information and the professional concerns of your most valuable prospects can help you personalize your sales proposals.
buyer persona usually revolves around the following points:
  • Lifetime Value
  • Job Title
  • Industry
  •  Pain Points
  • Objectives and goals
  • Superiors and performance appraisal, etc.

Strategy 5. Thought leadership content

Thought leadership content positions your company as an industry leader. It shows your audience that you value their time. It fosters trust among prospects, resulting in higher conversion rates and customer retention.
However, many businesses confuse adequate content with true thought leadership, failing to produce what their marketing team requires.
True thought leadership content contains:
  • Value. When readers come across an intriguing concept presented sparingly, it inspires them to continue reading because they see that the company isn’t wasting their time.
  • Formatting and language. The content must have easy language and formatting so everyone can understand it—from beginners to professionals.
  • Content distribution channel. Consider the channel for which you are creating content while writing. For example, content for a LinkedIn post is good, under 500 words. But, long-form content over 1000 words performs better on the web.
To better understand the thought leadership content creation process, you can explore our content assets like blogs, case studies, etc.
UnboundB2B'S Resources

Strategy 6. Refine your sales funnel using data

Considering your previous years’ sales data, you must redefine your sales funnel in 2023. It can help you detect gaps in your B2B sales strategy.
You can monitor several sales metrics based on your business goals. Here are some crucial sales metrics that every B2B company must consider:
  • Customer Acquisition Cost: The average cost of acquiring a single new customer, determined by dividing your total number of new customers by your marketing and sales spend.
  • Customer Lifetime Value: The total profit a customer generates over their lifetime.
  • Customer Retention Rate: The proportion of your customers who continue to buy your goods or services. It is the easiest to quantify for B2B SaaS and other subscription-based products.
  • Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Rate: The percentage of existing customers who make additional purchases or spend more money with your company.
  • ROI: The total return on your marketing investment over a given period.
  • Cost Per Lead: The cost of acquiring a single new lead, calculated by dividing your total number of leads by your total number of leads.

Strategy 7. Streamline your sales and marketing teams

Selling is not only your sales team‘s responsibility. Your marketing team is equally responsible for improving your sales strategy.
Therefore, you must focus on streamlining your sales and marketing operations. If your sales and marketing teams are well-collaborated, the data between them can easily be passed on.
It can improve the lead targeting process and reduce sales cycle length. In addition, sales representatives can connect with potential accounts using the data provided by the marketing team.
They can channel their energy on only leads with a high potential to convert. Therefore, it can improve your lead conversion rate and reduce waste of your business resources.
To establish coordination between marketing and sales teams, you can use software like scheduling, video conferencing, and more.

Strategy 8. Email marketing is still gold

Email marketing revenue is expected to reach nearly $11 billion by the end of 2023.
So it’s no surprise that 81% of marketers include email marketing in their B2B content marketing strategies.
Aside from cadences, cold emails, and newsletters, how else can email marketing benefit you?
Nurture campaigns are popular among marketers. However, to do nurturing correctly, you’ll need to invest in an automation tool to schedule when and who receives your campaigns.
B2B data can inform you of essential marketing triggers for your industry, which can help you achieve tremendous success. So you can send hyper-personalized emails when your prospective clients find them most useful.
Schedule drip email campaigns using automation software. It can help you start a conversation with prospects and follow them on time.

Strategy 9. Build your sales tech stack

The right technology can get you anywhere.
Investing in technology, whether it’s sales automation tools, CRMs, AI, or analytics software, is one of the most effective B2B Sales Strategies you can implement nowadays.
Consider combining automation and artificial intelligence to help your sales team create personalized sales pitches.
Here’s a rundown of how technology can help your B2B Sales Strategies and tactics:
  • Automation speeds up manual processes such as campaign creation, management, and measurement.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) systems aid in the storage of your contact database. This data is accessible across organizations, which aids in the alignment of sales and marketing to strengthen your ABM campaigns.
  • If you invest in a good sales intelligence tool, there is no need to go down shady paths to buy leads. Furthermore, using intent data, this software can help refresh existing data, set up trigger alerts, and target leads who are interested in purchasing.
  • Many teams use artificial intelligence to supplement their marketing efforts. For example, AI can make suggestions, write copy, chat with leads, and more. This expedites the marketing process and ensures that all campaigns perform optimally.

Strategy 10. Leverage dark social

Dark social media has recently become a popular buzzword. This B2B marketing trend will push your sales further in 2023.
The concept of dark social media is straightforward. When someone reads your blog post and shares it with their friends on instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, this is called dark social.
You are on the Dark Side of social media because you need to know who and how frequently your website link is shared.
By 2022, there will be approximately 2 million active WhatsApp users and 988 million Facebook Messenger users.
That means you can use this marketing trend to broaden the reach of your content. In addition, many brands use this strategy to connect with prospects via instant messaging apps. It helps to nurture leads on personal levels and convert them faster.

Strategy 11. Product educate your sales reps

Successful salespeople sell the benefits of the solution, not just the product. As a result, they can engage their audience by providing solutions rather than just products. In addition, it will increase customer loyalty and foster long-term relationships.
But, this is only possible when sales representatives are familiar with your product inside out. If you plan to sell your products online, it becomes even more important for sales reps to know your product properly.
It can help them answer customers’ questions on the spot. Therefore, you must demonstrate your product fully to your salespeople.
Show them the different features and benefits of your products. You can also conduct seminars or webinars to train your selling team. Creating a sales playbook with all the essential information about your products is also a good idea. It can help to educate new sales reps.

Strategy 12. Personalize your social selling

Most B2B brands are using social media today. But you have to go beyond the algorithms to grow in 2023.
Every social media channel wants to humanize and personalize content and users. For example, Instagram is lately deleting all the fake followers, comments, and likes generated through third-party applications.
Similarly, all social media handles algorithms are on the alert to detect fake and unauthentic content on social media.
Therefore, you need to humanize your social media selling strategy in 2023. Then, you can use your employee-generated content like Microsoft.
Social selling
Social selling
Just make your B2B social selling personal and human in 2023.

The Best B2B Sales Strategies for 2023!

On a parting note, we would like to share one amazing B2B sales strategy—monitor your sales metrics and change your sales strategy accordingly.
Yep, it is important to keep an eye on your B2B Sales Strategies throughout the year so you can make changes according to the present market conditions.
If you don’t have time to monitor and change your sales strategy based on the current market situation, there is no need to worry about it. Our professional team can help you track and streamline your sales strategy in 2023. We are always available to help you grow!
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