The Art of Generating Leads for a Software Solution Company

To generate leads for software development companies, it is crucial to implement strong inbound strategies. Creating fundamental/cornerstone content optimized for SEO, sharing supplementary content regularly, utilizing social media channels, incorporating paid ads, and optimizing for conversions are essential steps. By focusing on targeted keywords, sharing valuable insights, and nurturing relationships with potential clients, companies can enhance their visibility, attract organic leads, and increase their conversion rates. These strategies allow businesses to establish a strong inbound pipeline and effectively generate leads for software development projects.


Software development companies are currently experiencing an explosion in competition, due to thousands of organizations that requires the expertise of sales teams and marketers to get their foot out of the blue to a green pasture. For most companies, an outbound client generation isn’t good enough to produce the right sales result since their profit margin can quickly be diminished when if company is considered or been labeled as spammers.
If you want your organization to generate the right lead for software development, then you will need to bring to perspective all forms of B2B strategies to build a strong inbound pipeline.
Your ideal clients are out there in search of answers, tips, education, and solution online. So, as a company, you will need to invest the right effort, time, and resource needed to create contents that are compelling enough. Companies need to enhance their visibility via search and creation contents that are helpful to their clients. They will need to…

Create Fundamental/ Cornerstone Content

Fundamental content pages explain all forms of landing pages that are optimized for SEO, which are created and focused on the use of keywords. For instance, if the primary role of your company is centered on the sales of software-for-growing business, you can create a fundamental/ cornerstone page that looks like “SOG software for business.” The content has to be based on a targeted Google keyword; the page will be visible to the client who searches the keyword and also gets the attention of prospective clients. Remember, nothing is more important to a business as an organic lead.
“SEO leads are estimated
To be 14.6 percent close rate,
While the use of outbound leads
(Like print advertising and direct mail) is estimated to have a 1.7 percentage close rate (Search Engine Journal).”
A cornerstone page can include the following, a “contact us page” or a content offer like a white paper or an eBook that you will present to a client in exchange for submitting their form.
One of the essentials of an online marketing site is to have a cornerstone page rank number one on search engines. You will need to prioritize your cornerstone page on Google, simply by creating it to be your site navigation page, in place of “Products,” or “About Us” pages, which has less value and impressions from search engines.
Additionally, you will need to publish extra content that will share a link back to your cornerstone content.
Main and Supplementary Content
Source: Supplementary Content

Share Supplementary Content Always

When you regularly share blog posts that have links to the cornerstone of your site, it will beam the focus of search engine to your cornerstone –and this will only generate more leads and visibility.
“Blogging allows companies
To generate over 434% indexed
Pages. And any business
That has more indexed pages
Generate more lead.”
While blogging, you are allowed to use long-tail keywords that reflect the performance of your keywords and provide answers to questions your buyers have in mind, serves as a platform to express industry concerns and pain point. When creating the content, ensure it goes beyond your product, you will need to incorporate unique insights about the performance of your industry at large.
The other form of content is the third-party content. This type of content is written specifically by the executive of a firm. While creating the content, you can add links that are associated to your cornerstone and talk about the performance of your company at large.
“From a recent Google report,
71 percent of B2B researchers Begin their research using a
Generic search, this means Sharing branded content is
Not always the way forward.”
Most researchers want to know more about an industry and different related options before taking a leap into the organization, so it is important to have an additional third-party outlet that will help share content with the identity of your brand.

Use Social Media

The next phase is to broaden your reach by posting content regularly using all forms of social media channels. Diversify and use different social platforms to promote your content; this includes cornerstone pages and blog posts. Get involved with others within the sphere of your industry, share their content as well. If you are stressed with the process, then schedule it before time using tools like Hootsuite and Buffer.
“Do you know that as little as 6 hours in a
Week, An approximate of 66% marketers
Have more benefit of lead
Generation via social media?”

Practice the Use of Paid Ads

At the point, you will need to amplify your reach with the current demand strategy: the use of paid ads. This strategy appears more profitable if you start small to:
  • Know a specific targeted audience, (with the use of social media and Ad word).
  • Direct visitors straight to your cornerstone page with the use of customized URL links; to know the number of audiences that were attracted using the ads campaign.
  • Examine different variations.
  • Start with little budgets until you know what works best.
  • Analyze all results to known the number of quality leads generated.
Now repeat the process over again with time. This will help reduce the cost and ensure that your money is not spent on bad campaigns or unqualified leads.
The overcoming majority in social media
Ads are within Facebook (84%), then Google ads
(41%), and LinkedIn social ads (18%).

Optimize for Conversions

There are several ways a site can be optimized if you want to boost the rate of conversion. This can be done with visitors that submit their contact information like emails and later get converted into clients.
  • Adding (CTA) call to action will allow your users to navigate quickly to the conversion page.
  • Create your CTA to suit your page content.
  • Create your content based on a strong proposition of value (i.e., share the benefits of your products) and focus less on the features.
See your website as a project been carried out continuously, and not a one- time event. If you pay close attention to optimization and analytics, you will get a huge success in no distance time.

Final Thoughts

If you intend to create leads for a development project successfully, then it is vital to build and continually nurture relationships that exist between potential clients. When compared to B2C products, the sales cycle can be very long. Most buyers prefer information that is presented in forms of newsletters, and blog posts that are written to guide them during purchase.
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