How B2B Video Marketing Is Going To Add Value To Customers Or Decision Makers

B2B marketing encompasses two key aspects: sales activation and brand building. While sales activation targets ready-to-convert buyers, brand building focuses on reaching potential customers who may not be aware of the products or services. B2B video marketing is a powerful tool that combines both short-term and long-term benefits. Videos capture attention, facilitate decision-making, and offer value to customers. By implementing a solid video marketing strategy, businesses can enhance their brand reputation and drive sales growth.


Not many people know that B2B marketing has two aspects — sales activation and brand building.
Sales activation is a short-term marketing method that targets people who are ready to convert into buyers. On the contrary, brand building is a long-term marketing strategy to target people who aren’t even yet aware of your products or services existence.
For B2B lead generation, marketers compress both the marketing methods together to promote continuous sales and revenue growth. Here B2B video marketing is a dynamic weapon for marketers, which offers them both short and long-term marketing benefits.
Using video content, B2B companies receive opportunities to grab users’ attention and motivate them to make buying decisions in one go.
Source – Harvard Business Review
Additionally, people pay 55% more attention to video content than any other type of content. Plus, Cisco has already reported that online video will generate over 82% of traffic by 2022.
Undoubtedly, B2B video marketing is a topic worth exploring today. So, scroll down and know everything that you ever required to start video marketing campaigns for your business.

7 Ways B2B Video Marketing Helps in Providing Value to Your Customers

B2B marketing trends keep on changing with users’ preferences and interests. But one trend that never changes is Value. Customers always want valuable content.
In fact, 70% of consumers prefer to learn something about a company or product rather than watching promotional advertisements. Using videos, you can provide a variety of value to your consumers and even help them in decision making, such as:

1. Introduce Yourself With Demo Videos

The best and direct B2B video marketing strategy would be creating demo videos. With demo videos, you can kill two birds in one short.
First, you can make new users aware of your products and services simply and attractively. Secondly, you can make a sales pitch without being too obvious. Oh, and importantly, demo videos are evergreen videos; they are one of the best B2B sales and lead generation techniques.
Slack here is a master of creating funny and engaging demo videos. They have created a demo video for their workspace communications platform with cheerful music and a friendly voice-over. This video is the perfect way to inspire while creating your new product’s demo video.
Source – slack

2. Solve the Problem With Tutorial Videos

YouTube is the prime example of tutorial videos power. How-to tutorial videos are one of the most trending genres online. For B2B companies, tutorial videos are the perfect way to increase their fan following on social media and direct traffic to their site.
Check out Brian Dean’s copywriting tips tutorial video for your reference below. He has intelligently provided users information on copywriting while promoting his brand.
Source – Brian Dean’s copywriting tips

3. Video Interviews With Industry Experts

Partnering with the experts from your business industry can give a new dimension to your B2B video marketing approach. This type of video content will expose your brand ahead of new users and sources. Plus, if you collaborate with popular professionals, you can drive more value your way to attract more customers your way.
On LinkedIn, Salesforce hosts a program called #BossTalks, in which they host different guests and cover various topics targeting the corporate world.
Source – Salesforce
You can also start a similar kind of program on your social media platforms to keep your users engaged and informed.

4. Social Proof With Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are yet again the most trending type of video content to provide value to your customers. That’s because 84% of people trust online reviews as much as they trust their friends.
If you request your satisfied customers to shoot a small video testimonial and share it with you, it can work like a magnet to attract new customers. This Yum Yum Videos video can provide you a fair idea about creating impactful testimonial videos.
Source – Yum Yum Videos

5. Spread Knowledge With Webinars

Webinars aren’t your traditional type of videos. But they have around 35% to 45% of conversion rate. You see, webinars offer you an opportunity to live interact with your potential customers, answer their questions and directly pitch them your products or services.
In a way, webinars contain all the right B2B video marketing elements — engagement, value, and a good conversion rate.
Source – Neilpatel
HubSpot is taking full leverage from the webinars. They have even introduced a dedicated webinar section on their website. For promoting courses, eBooks, and other tools, HubSpot uses webinars for almost everything.
Source – Hubspot

6. Use Influencers With Unboxing Videos

These types of videos are quite similar to the industry experts’ videos (shared above). But in this, you aren’t collaborating with influencers to create interview-style videos. In fact, you are asking influencers to try your product and share its details with their followers.
Since 39% of marketers have raised their influencer marketing budget in 2018, there is a variety of unboxing videos available online today. For instance, this Alibaba unboxing video by Mega Jay Retro has received over 73K views on YouTube.
Source – Mega Jay Retro Videos

7. Tell a Video Story

Today, customers do not want to just buy a product; they wish to connect with the brand. They want to know your brand’s ideology, goals, and vision. And for that, you can reel your brand story to your customers and push them to trust your brand.
Further, brand story videos can be portrayed in two styles. First, you can take a direct approach and share your brand’s objective with your customers like this WeWork video.
Source – WeWork
Secondly, you can put on a creative storyteller hat and narrate your brand story in a cinema style. Confused?
Just look at this A Slimy Situation video by LEGO to know how you can use storytelling in your video content. Under one minute video, they have beautifully filmed a suspense story while keeping LEGO as the center point.

How to Create Valuable B2B Video Marketing For Your Customers

You now know how B2B video marketing can provide value to your customers. So, it is only fair if you also know how to create value-rich video content. There’s no rocket science in creating value loaded videos to promote your brand; just follow these steps:

Step 1. Draft a Strategy

Just like the B2B content marketing strategy, you have to come up with a solid B2B video marketing strategy to seamlessly integrate it with your other marketing channels. Video marketing strategy begins with understanding your brand and the problems you are planning to solve.
This involves extensive market search on your brand based on ever-changing customers’ requirements and needs. To run a brand analysis, ask yourself:
  • Who are your prospects?
  • How do they like to receive information?
  • What are your clients’ struggles?
  • How do you market value your products or services? Etc.

Step 2. Create a Video Marketing Funnel Chart

Most marketers use a sales funnel chart to understand their buyer’s journey. Here you can also create a video marketing funnel chart based on your marketing strategies to understand your viewers’ journey. A standard video marketing funnel has four aspects:
  • Making potential customers aware that your brand exists.
  • In the second step, prospects interact with your business website, social media channels, or other social assets and consider their options.
  • In the third phase, prospects decide whether your product can solve their problem or not.
  • It’s the final stage when prospects make decisions to become your customers.

Step 3. Create Your Video

Once your B2B video marketing strategy and funnel are ready, it’s time to create your video content. For that, you have to first select the best online video editing software and the type of video format that can convey your message. This will help you create engaging B2B marketing videos.
For example, if your video marketing strategy focuses on driving leads, testimonial or demo-type videos are ideal for you. On the contrary, if increasing traffic is on your agenda, use unboxing style videos. You can also here break the barriers and come with a totally unique video type suiting your brand’s voice.

Step 4. Publish On the Right Platform

Your work isn’t done here with the video creation. You still have to publish your video content on the right marketing platforms to drive maximum results. Luckily, B2B companies have many options to publish their video content today:
  • On social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and others.
  • They can embed videos into blog posts.
  • Post on third-party blogs.
  • Add it to the landing page.
  • Include in the email campaigns and so on.

Start B2B Video Marketing Now!

Video content is the future. They better humanize your brand, improve conversion rate, boost engagement and make complicated information easy. On top of all, 90% of consumers say that product videos help them in decision-making.
So, there’s no reason to avoid B2B video marketing anymore. It is high time you should start building your video content plan to build your brand reputation online. After creating your video content, don’t forget to share it here.
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