VoIP Service Provider Guide Know How You Can Qualify Your Leads

Qualifying leads for VoIP service providers requires strategic decision-making, market insights sharing, emotional connection building, and emphasizing branding. Real-time support for customer network-related issues and tailored solutions that meet customer expectations are essential. Utilizing advanced lead generation platforms and human intelligence solutions can streamline the process. Positioning as a potential partner and demonstrating a genuine interest in the client's organization enhances lead qualification.


Generating sales-qualified leads for VoIP service providers always comes with its own set of challenges. In today’s market, there are no longer any major problems with reliability or connectivity. Instead, the main obstacle that many business owners deal with involves providing for the last mile connectivity aspect of VoIP services, e.g. customers’ network includes user-hosted Local Area Network (LAN) as well as wide area network (WAN) gears.
According to Forbes, VoIP providers need to improve their operational effectiveness in this regard. Many make the mistake of keeping a small inbound sales team who waste time and effort attempting to qualify any lead that is coming in-house, without an overarching strategy in place. The value-add of a VoIP service provider is now more focused on the exclusive benefits they can provide to prospective clients in the area of real time support to resolve customer network-related problems.
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Many VoIP lead generation vendors run highly developed platforms to tackle layered B2B marketing approaches by imparting detailed orientations to prospective customers with easy-to-navigate online programs while tracking their user preferences in tandem. This kind of parallel verification strategy fast-tracks and streamlines the entire process of lead generation to a considerable degree.
Apart from this type of seamless verification, companies specialising in VoIP lead generation also take the support of human intelligence solutions, via live personnel analysing and confirming the quality of leads gained. This ensures that you invest smartly with existing resources and increases the likelihood of generating a big revenue. Another aspect that enhances VoIP lead generation is the ability to blend diverse communications to take full advantage of the scope of cross-selling. For instance, your service should provide both audio and video options for customers to have the convenience of a regular phone call as well as a videoconference straight from the comfort of their desk. Many VoIP services are further exploring email and faxing capabilities, providing end users the ability to link their Gmail or Outlook account to the application.
Qualifying your leads requires thoughtful planning and lots of patience. VoIP service providers are working on innovative and improved ways of utilizing modern technology to cater to user demands. Here are a few suggestions on how best to qualify your leads more effectively, taking the customers’ network infrastructure into account.

Don’t Let Excitement Get in the Way of Smart Decision-Making

The VoIP segment is booming rapidly, with numbers set to hit an estimated $86 billion in revenues worldwide. Marketing and sales experts however, must understand that every opportunity is not always the right one. Just because a prospective customer responds well to your information requests, it doesn’t mean they are amenable to purchasing your product or service. It’s essential that your sales team assess if there is a catch involved before forging ahead – a prospect says yes to a meeting, but they might not show due to other variables in play. For example, they might later decide that your budget range is far too expensive for their requirements, or they rethink whether the item will serve a purpose. Maintain your professionalism and ensure that the customer is completely on board with your product or service offering, as part of the overall sales procedure.

Share Market Insights, Don’t Just Pitch

Customers are often overwhelmed by the wealth of options available when it comes to seeking enterprise VoIP solutions for integrated communication systems. Your marketing and sales department must have a nuanced understanding of how the industry works, and allow individuals to fully grasp the benefits of such services. Instead of simply pitching your product or service offering, allow the prospective client to make an informed choice. They will appreciate you all the more for your in-depth knowledge and neutral perspective. 
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The most common issues customers have with adopting a VoIP service provider is the lack of direction when it comes to logistical requirements, such as assessing the capabilities of the current phone network. In addition, many believe that companies don’t provide adequate support when it comes to the implementation of new product features. With the current market landscape constantly evolving, knowledgeable and empathetic vendors are hard to find. Master the intricacies of customer service and satisfaction, and you will automatically see a distinctive rise in lead acquisition.

Know Which Questions to Ask

Marketing professionals working at VOIP companies often use the wrong approach when it comes to lead conversion. Most times, they direct the sales pitch in a way that customers have to talk more, but a winning strategy is developing an emotional connect with the prospect. If it’s via a phone call or chat window, asking questions about a prospective client’s work routine and relating it back to the product or service is a more effective way of delivering the pitch. It makes the conversation more natural instead of a rehearsed Q&A format. The prospect looks beyond your sales skills, and sees you as another individual that is trying to help them out.
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Here’s a tried and tested three-pronged plan you can keep in mind going forward:
Explore their decision-making principles to assess who is charge regarding marketing and sales issues, and which individuals oversee the entire management structure.
Next, ask about the individual criteria they have in mind for screening out prospects that are on the fence.  
Then, check what requirements are part of their search for an external vendor, i.e. the budget allocated, the scale of operations needed, etc. to better judge the value of the lead and whether it’s worth pursuing.

Make Branding the Heart of Marketing

Branding is a crucial and often neglected step in the process of creating solid marketing and sales strategies that will tip the prospect over, and qualify your leads to the selling point. Proactively include your unique branding elements in all marketing efforts, from event communications to digital media such as online banners, social media messaging and promotional materials. The key is to study information from prospect data, and qualify VoIP leads using multiple tactics.

Take the Angle of a Potential Partner

While there are too many tech vendors in the market, discerning customers look for those who have a strategic plan and are interested in working as partners to expand business engagements and spread awareness among potential client networks. Supporting strategy can manifest in various ways including making on-site visits, building long-term relationships, providing detailed demos backed by evidence, and offering customer service for troubleshooting issues such that customers successfully migrate to your VoIP business solution. With a lot of alternatives available, smaller enterprises distinguish themselves by showing a genuine interest in the future of the client’s organisation, and how best to implement VoIP services for increased profitability.
The secret to qualify your leads as a growing VoIP service provider lies in having a balanced marketing approach that taps into what client expectations are, and the features that bring them maximum product value. End users are now more keen than ever on finding tailored and modern solutions for comprehensive and hassle-free communications, and VoIP business services that truly offer this are way ahead of the game.
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VoIP Service Provider Guide Know How You Can Qualify Your Leads

Qualifying leads for VoIP service providers requires strategic decision-making, market insights shar...

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