Get Started with Mobile Marketing Automation with these 5 Ways

Mobile marketing automation is a specialized form of marketing automation designed for smartphones. It enables businesses to efficiently manage a large database of contacts and deliver personalized messages to a wide audience. By strategically analyzing goals, synthesizing data, utilizing platforms and segmentation, engaging in personalized communication, and conducting thorough testing, businesses can leverage mobile marketing automation to optimize their marketing efforts. This technology allows for improved productivity, customer engagement, and a deeper understanding of business needs, making it essential for maintaining a competitive edge in the digital market.


The world is automating and so is the market associated with it. It thus becomes important to understand the axis of digitization, which is automating this market. If we dive deep to understand the latest trends in digital marketing, we would find that mobile marketing automation is getting a very strong response. Let us now move on to understand what mobile marketing automation is all about.

What is Mobile Marketing Automation?

To begin with, mobile marketing automation is similar to traditional form of marketing automation with the exception that it is specifically designed for mobiles and hence targets a wide audience, which uses tech savvy smartphones.
At this point, it has to be noted that automation has become the panacea for two major marketing needs, the first being the management of a large database of contacts, and second being the delivery of personalized messages to customers worldwide. Moreover, marketing automation is helpful as it stores information about different contacts.
In addition to this, it lets you to arrange your contacts into lists or groups based on any criteria you may deem fit. And it also helps you to control messages which are to be sent to some targeted groups. In the absence of marketing automation, businesses have to do all this manually, a process that rapidly becomes very difficult or impossible when we have to deal with a large number of people.

Getting Started with Mobile Marketing Automation

#1. Strategic Analysis

The rapid growth of a business largely rests on identifying important goals and executing a clear road map to achieve them. Framing a mobile marketing automation strategy helps you to chart out a crystal-clear pathway towards achieving your goals. For the strategic analysis of some key components of a mobile marketing automation strategy, you may like to dwell upon the following broad perspectives:
  • The techniques that you are going to use to capture and nurture leads.
  • The touch points and channels that you will use to generate viable sales leads.
  • The qualifiers to be used for segmentation.
  • All the triggers and events that drive communications.
  • The volume of the messages that are to be sent over a period of time.

#2. Data Synthesis

For the improvement of the quality of your marketing efforts, all that needs to be done is to stitch your mobile marketing data into your business requirements. This can be done through email marketing. This will further help in the analysis of customer interaction data and redirect your marketing efforts by preparing you for the next big challenges.
An efficient Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform will help you to gather customer data and track the engagement of clients with customers. In addition to this, a Customer Data Platform (CDP) will pave the way for centralization of customer data from numerous sources and make it available for various business needs.
A mobile marketing automation system automates the task of collecting data from numerous platforms such as CRM, CDP, etc. to drive forward your mobile marketing campaigns.
 Mobile Marketing Automation
Figure : Mobile Marketing Automation

#3. Platform Usage and Segmentation

By investing in the right mobile platforms, you are not only optimizing your business needs but are also scaling up your productivity. After mentioning about platform usage, it becomes necessary to describe segmentation. With the help of automated segmentation, we would be able to send the relevant messages and thus tag the related users. The data collected from this process will help in various other kinds of business verticals.

#4. Personal Engagement

A personalized message has a greater impact as compared to a generic one. Automation platforms can help in customizing various kinds of messages based on user behavior, customer’s stage in the sales process and so on.
Moreover, mobile automation can help in the storage of rich information on a customer profile, help map out the customer engagement, and enable you to align campaigns across different messages. This also means that you can drive meaningful engagement by delivering relevant and useful content and by continually improving the end-to-end experience on numerous mobile platforms.

#5. Testing It Out

Testing it out is the first litmus test that needs to be passed. This helps in analyzing which campaigns drive most conversions or engagements, which messages capture user attention the most, how micro but significant alterations influence your campaigns. Most content marketing platforms offer various kinds of testing capability which has tremendous potential for b2b lead generation assisting in:
  • Determining which version is suited to you the most.
  • Optimizing a series of messaging and in-app experiences
  • Understanding the various consequences of a campaign
It is also important to track performance and goals at various points of time and tweak your campaigns to align with your business needs. For being successful, your marketing automation plan must include:
  • KPI tracking for the identification of numerous trends and impacts.
  • ROI measurement including the areas to invest in.

The Synergy of Businesses and Mobile Marketing Automation

It becomes important to put first things first. In this context, we are simply referring to a market away from the traditional market. In other words, we are referring to the digital market for analyzing b2b marketing trends. In the past few years, there has been an extremely rapid surge in the e-commerce revenues.
All this points to a common precursor, that is, people have either shifted away from the traditional market or they have started using the shopping apps more frequently. This means that there exists a strong cohesion between the various kinds of business strategies and mobile marketing automation which is portrayed by the following figure.


While traditional digital marketing automation as important as it was in the past, you still need to consider the adoption of mobile marketing automation so that your marketing strategies can maintain the status quo of your company as the leader of your domain. If your marketing is more targeted, your chances of doing potential business will increase in the long run.
The best thing about mobile marketing automation is that it offers an ocean of unending possibilities to not only improve your productivity but also understand your business needs. This serves the dual needs of empowering marketers and engaging customers.
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