How To Write Sales Email Templates That Grabs Immediate Response

To write a professional sales email template that gets qualified responses, you should follow these tips: congratulate your prospect, provide immediate value, be specific about your offerings, explain what's in it for your prospect, talk to lower-level employees, write an engaging subject line, get to the value quickly in the body, give your professional sales email template a professional touch, ask for feedback, and do not be afraid to give deadlines.


You need some serious practice to draft a professional sales email template that your prospects will absolutely love.
For starters, your email should be interesting enough to grab the recipient’s attention, and convincing enough that they would want to read the entire message.
Your pitch should come across like you have your readers’ best interest in mind—wrapped in a handful of sentences.
Given the fact that only 24% of prospects open sales emails, nobody cares about an email that is obviously automated, self-centered, and has no value to the recipient. Naturally, most of these emails go to the spam folder as soon as they arrive in the inbox. Generally, emails go to the spam folder because its poor texts and template designs. You can hire any email writer or essay writer online to write impactful texts for your email.
So, wouldn’t it be better for salespeople to be able to focus primarily on areas where their emails are read?
This is where a professional sales email template comes in.

10 Tips to Write a Sales Email Template That Gets Qualified Responses


1. Congratulate Them.

Flattery works every time. Today, more information about prospects is available than at any other point in the history of sales. Therefore, conduct thorough research.
Visit their website, find every piece of information possible about your prospect on Google, and visit their LinkedIn page. Additionally, you can glance at their Facebook page, learn about their favorite destination about their spouse or grandkids, and add all data that you could gather to record.
Be as creative as you can while leveraging such data. Find out ways how you can flatter your prospect.

2. Provide Immediate Value.

Find a way to provide some instant value to your recipient. Offering instant value for free is something that tech firms have perfected through freemium business models.
Most software companies offer limited features for free, so prospects can get an idea of the software before any transactions occur.
Partner with a tech developer that has a freemium model if you’re a service provider. For example, partner with a company that offers free expense report software if you are an accountant.
Recommend a product like HubSpot’s free email monitoring tool if you offer sales training services.
As long as you are the one introducing free value, your prospects will appreciate it.

3. Be Particular About Your Offerings.

As a salesperson, you must know what your products are and what are the ones you are trying to push through your sales email template.
Especially when you have more than one to choose from, deals can easily get muddled in the flow of an email. Larger enterprises with different revenue sources are particularly vulnerable to this pitfall.
You do not want to pitch an aimless sales email. That usually ends in confusion and a lack of interest.
Instead, trim it down to an easy-to-understand single phrase or sentence like, Passwordless Login for Your Website.

4. Explain What’s In It for Your Prospect.

You need to explain how your product or service can add value to your prospect’s life. If you cannot pitch your product well without sounding too self-centered, there’s no way you can win the sale.
It may look good on papers as you list down your product features, or they may sound completely out-of-the-box in your product meetings. But, your recipient does not know how an extra camera will benefit them until you say it out loud.

5. Talk to Lower-Level Employees.

While there is a lot of data for you to explore online, nothing beats insight gathered from someone who knows your buyer.
This trick is especially useful when pitching to IT or finance professionals, as it is difficult to analyze how they perform their jobs and what they require at the moment from an external point of view.
So, here’s what you can do as a salesperson.
Start as if you are conducting a general discussion with their employee. Every organization has a customer grievance department. They are likely to answer your phone and will empathize with your struggle as peers. They may also show interest in investing in your solution.

6. Write An Engaging Subject Line.

Subject lines are the icing on the cake for any sales email template. They are the first thing in your email that can grab eyeballs. Therefore, it is your job to make your subject line count.
The trick is to make it as direct and as personal as possible, so people are naturally drawn to open your email.
For example, make them curious by asking open-ended questions. There are various Subject Line Checker tools available like CoSchedule to help your sales email template’s subject line make the cut.
Source: CoSchedule
You can also hint at a reward awaiting the recipient to open the email. Remember, you have only about 70 characters to work with. Come up with a unique style and make the most of it.

7. Get to The Value Quickly In The Body.

The first sentence in the body of your sales email template is more critical than you may think it to be.
A lot of email clients display the first few lines of the text in the body, so it is available for the recipient to read without opening the email body.
Therefore, make sure your content can grab interest in the first five seconds of the email.

8. Give Your Professional Sales Email Template a Professional Touch.

This is also the only text that you’re really going to type. These are the snippets that engage the customer more directly.
Here’s how you can grab a few additional hearts according to the best email marketing service providers:
  • Directly use the name of the person, company, or product.
  • Validate what you do and your business goals.
  • Address any threat your customer is facing at the moment.
  • Refer to any note that you made in your previous discussions.

9. Ask For Feedback.

It is important that you know how you are being perceived. The best way to do so is by asking your customers and investors directly for feedback on your sales email template.
For example, you may ask:
  • Will you open this email?
  • Will you reply to it?
  • How did this email make you feel?
  • Was the message clear?

10.  Do Not Be Afraid to Give Deadlines.

Giving deadlines work most of the time. So, why not use it to your advantage?
The next time you are expecting a faster response, give a deadline. But of course, make sure you do not sound rude. All you need is to yield some sense of urgency using a friendly tone.
For example, you can use phrases like “limited time offer,” “hurry while stock lasts,” or “download now for free” with a clearance deadline.

3 Examples of Sales Email Templates

1. Be the First to Use Our New iOS App
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Your feedback is important to us. If your device is running iOS 13 or later, you can simply send your feedback via TestFlight. Otherwise, please send your feedback – what you liked and what you didn’t like.
Download Beta App
Thank you,
2. We Slashed Prices
Hi ,
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Go to your Wishlist
3. Check Out Your FREE Surprise Inside
Hi ,
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Thank you!


As a salesperson, it is your responsibility to start your relationship with your customers on a courteous note. Show genuine interest in your prospects’ concerns in your sales email template. We guarantee it will pay off in the long run.
Thank you for reading. If you think we have missed something in this list, let us know in the comments.
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