Killer Email Marketing Strategies To Run On Your ABM Accounts

It explores the integration of account-based marketing (ABM) and email marketing to enhance results. It addresses common challenges in email marketing, such as low engagement rates and insufficient lead generation. The guide offers eight effective strategies for ABM email marketing, including segmenting email lists, personalizing subject lines, and optimizing emails for mobile. The focus is on personalization and tailoring email campaigns to individual subscribers to boost engagement and conversions.


Does your marketing team spend hours drafting and sending emails to your subscribers? But your sales team isn’t getting any leads in return.
Then, the problem here is the misalignment between your marketing and sales teams. Your marketing team is simply forwarding blast emails to random users without knowing their preferences and needs. This basic email marketing strategy was effective earlier, but not anymore.
It is projected that 347.3 billion emails daily will be sent by 2022. In this mammoth email sharing, you need to leverage account-based marketing if you want people to read and take action on your emails.
ABM approach will help you personalize your email marketing campaigns based on the subscriber’s intent. Importantly, ABM email marketing allows you to better streamline your marketing and sales operations.
Both ABM and email marketing are the two most trending marketing strategies that can generate leads and improve engagement.
But which email marketing strategies can work on ABM accounts?
Just walk through this guide, and you will learn eight killer email marketing strategies to run on your ABM accounts with ease.

How ABM Approach Can Empower Email Marketing

Email marketing seems so simple. Write down your product highlights in an email, blast it to all your subscribers and customers. And, just wait for the sales order!
This is a fairytale email marketing scenario. But unfortunately, all fairy tales aren’t real. You can’t just write a simple email and blast to random subscribers to improve your sales. Email marketing doesn’t work this way, at least not anymore.
Today, you need to personalize, visualize and segment your email marketing campaigns to drive results. For this, you need to leverage ABM to fill your sales and marketing pipelines.
Using ABM accounts, you can eliminate all the email marketing problems and improve your ROI, such as:
Low Engagement Rate
Low engagement email rate is a universal problem today. According to Mailchimp, the average email open rate is 22.71% across all industries. That means not even half of your subscribers open your emails. So, now you can only imagine how many of these subscribers will take action on your email.
This low engagement problem can solve ABM email marketing for you in two ways:
Relevancy: Only send relevant information to your subscribers after understanding their needs.
Segmentation: This allows you to segment your subscribers into smaller groups based on their location, age, and other common factors.
Insufficient Lead Generation
According to 46% of marketers, email marketing is an important lead generation tactic. But still, it is their major challenge to generate leads via emails.
In this case, ABM allows you to understand your email subscribers’ behavior and buyer journey. You will know which subscribers are actively engaged with your emails and which aren’t. This way, you can tap on your ready to convert customers with a direct sales email. In contrast, you can share nurturing emails with subscribers who aren’t ready yet and draw them to your sales funnel.
Increased Customer Acquisition Cost
CAC has been increasing rapidly in the last few years. Today, to run an effective email marketing campaign, you need a content writer, graphic designer, and many other email automation tools.
For a small business, it is not feasible to spend so many resources on an email marketing campaign.
Therefore, ABM will help you segment your email list. This way, you can let go of inactive email subscribers and focus on only the active users. It will reduce your email list and customer acquisition cost altogether.
In fact, if you formulate a smart email marketing strategy, you can achieve a 4200% return on your investments.
Retaining Email Subscribers
Today, acquiring email subscribers isn’t hard. You can run a social media contest or offer a lucrative deal, and people will subscribe to your email. But the real problem is retaining your subscribers.
As per a study, the average unsubscribe rate is 0.19% to 0.52% per email sent. That means if you send 2,000 emails, 10 subscribers will unsubscribe you after that.
The account-based marketing can here helps you personalize your emails so that you just send one email to your subscribers and drive maximum results. In fact, sending emails once a month has a 28% higher open rate.

8 Email Marketing Strategies to Run on ABM Accounts

It’s clear that account-based marketing can give a new direction to your email marketing strategies for maximum results. So, now let’s check out some email marketing strategies to run on your ABM accounts:
1. Segment Your Email List
The best and first email marketing strategy is to segment your mammoth email list. Once you break your email list into smaller chunks, you can better target and personalize your email campaigns.
To segment your email list, you can ask relevant questions in sign-up forms like location, birthday, or anything else. You can also leverage technology like Amazon.
When I was looking for electronics on Amazon, I received this electronics deal combo in my inbox a few days back.
Amazon here understood my needs and sent offers accordingly, which is a great ABM email marketing strategy.
2. Personalize Your Subject Line
Do you know 47% of users open an email based on the subject line?
Thus, it is crucial to personalize your email subject line so your subscribers can open your emails more. Here are a few ideas to personalize your email subject line:
Use the First Name
Yes, it is an old method, but referring to someone with his or her name is the best way to establish a personal connection. Here you can create an email subject line like this PayPal email:
PayPal account statement
Trigger Interest
The personalized promotional emails have a 29% higher open rate because they are interest-based. Thus, using your subscriber’s interest, you can create the subject line accordingly.
Birthdays and Anniversaries
Your subscribers will definitely click on the email if you wish them on their special days. Here if you throw a little free gift or reward in the email, your recipients will appreciate it a lot.
Exploit FOMO
The fear of missing out or FOMO always makes a great subject line. You can send FOMO subject lines to the accounts which are ready to convert. This way, you can motivate them to take action swiftly.
3. Share Behavior Reports
You can send behavior reports to your customers based on their actions on your portal via emails. This is the perfect email marketing strategy to engage users who have fallen off the map.
Also, behavior emails aren’t direct promotional, so there’s a higher chance that users will open them. Secondly, you can stay in your user’s minds when they receive regular emails from you.
Grammarly uses behavioral emails to send monthly progress reports to their customers. Like this:
Grammarly Weekly report
Source: Lianatech
This approach helps Grammarly to frequently popup into their users’ inboxes and show them what they are missing out on.
4. Offer Special Recommendation Emails
Similar to behavior reports, special recommendation emails are a perfect way to recharge your inactive subscribers. You might have often seen Netflix and Amazon Prime showing suggestions similar to the programs that you have just watched.
This is the exact personalized email marketing strategy that you should use to motivate your customers to buy your other products. Using the ABM data, you can know which products or services have been brought by an individual email subscriber.
You can further use this information to send other recommended products or services emails to your customers.
The best thing about this strategy is that if a person is already using your services, they might be interested in your other services too. In fact, 15% of online shoppers are repeat customers.
All you have to do is analyze which products or services your customers are already using and send them emails with other products that they might be interested in.
5. Organize a Little Contest for Your Email Subscribers
Besides the discounts, rewards are what your customers like the most.
You can host festivals, seasonal, or any special occasion-related contest for your email subscribers with a lucrative reward. This email marketing strategy will help you to engage your inactive email subscribers plus increase your email list.
The user intent will help you pick the right reward for your individual accounts to make your email contest popular.
Besides the personalized rewards, you should make your email contest visually engaging. For example, Stripo has designed a gamified email on Easter.
Stripo designed gamified email
Source : gamification-in-email-marketing
They asked their customers to help them find eggs and, in return, get a surprise gift. This email is a perfect example to learn how to target ABM accounts with visually attractive and personalized emails.
Here if you don’t have resources to create gamified emails, no worries. There are many other free ways to make your email contest interesting, such as:
  • You can head over to and create a photo and jigsaw puzzle for free. You can send photo puzzles to your customers and give a reward to the person who solves your photo puzzle quickly.
  • Also, you can use Canva and other similar tools to create professional email templates to host contests.
6. Select the Right Time to Send Emails
Not many marketers focus on the time factor while sending emails. But they should. The open rate of your email campaigns heavily depends on the time when you are sending emails.
For example, if your targeted audience is SaaS businesses, sending your newsletter on Monday or Tuesday will not give you any results. That’s because when a SaaS company owner opens his or her email on Monday, they will have to deal with so many work-related emails that your email might get buried somewhere.
In contrast, if you send your email on Wednesday or Tuesday during lunch hours, there’s a high chance people might read your emails.
Here’s the average industry-wise list of the right time to send your email campaigns:
average industry-wise list of the right time to send your email campaigns
Source : International
To know the right time to send email campaigns to your subscribers, you should analyze ABM account data and observe at what time your emails are the most opened. Then, accordingly, select the right time to forward your emails.
7. Optimize Your Emails For Mobile
As per a recent survey, 66% of emails are read on mobile in the US and 34% on desktop. Here if your email subscriber data also shows that your emails are more read on mobile, you have to mobile-optimize your email campaigns.
From visuals to content, all elements of your email should be designed to fit a small screen, such as:
  • Use clean and simple images
  • Use responsive email templates as they are designed to fit all screen sizes
  • Limit your words, shorten subject lines, and don’t use content-heavy paragraphs
  • Use call to action buttons instead of links to capture readers attention
  • Break your text into smaller sections, etc.
8. Optimize Your Landing Page
Having a high email open rate is a good thing, but this isn’t your end goal. Your final goal is to convert subscribers into customers.
For this, you need to optimize your landing page with the right message. You have to design your landing pages based on your ABM account details.
In fact, if you can optimize landing pages for individual email segments, then that would be great. Or, you can steal an idea from the Neil Patel website, where the personalized content based on the user’s location attracts people.
personalized content for more traffic
Source : Neilpatel
All in all, design your landing page in a way that no user can leave your website without hitting the buy button.

A Perfect Email Marketing Strategy for ABM Accounts

Running an email marketing campaign for your ABM accounts is a technical as well as creative job.
First, you have to collect the right information, segment the email list, and analyze your individual email subscribers. Later, you have to use technical information to formulate creative contests, visuals, and custom content to improve your open email rate.
All in all, a perfect email marketing strategy for ABM accounts is personalization. The better you personalize your email marketing campaigns, the higher sales and engagement you will get.
So, marketers, try the top 8 email marketing strategies on your ABM accounts and share your experiences with us in the comments.
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