Top 10 LinkedIn Strategies to Boost Your Business

Learn several unique opportunities LinkedIn offers for professional networking, lead generation, and brand building. Also know how to use various tactics such as optimizing profiles, creating engaging content, participating in relevant groups, leveraging LinkedIn Ads, and utilizing LinkedIn Sales Navigator. These tactics will help you establish thought leadership, build meaningful connections, and engage with the LinkedIn community. Overall, the blog serves as a valuable resource for businesses aiming to maximize their impact on LinkedIn and drive business success.


LinkedIn has evolved from a platform primarily used by HR companies to source talent, into a platform used by brands for:
  • Lead generation
  • Increasing brand awareness and credibility
  • Educating customers about products and services
There are several strategies you can use to boost your business on LinkedIn. These include:

1. Leverage Employee Advocacy

Encouraging employee advocacy should be an integral part of your LinkedIn marketing strategy. Having employees as followers allows you to tap into their personal networks for wider reach. More so, when your employees update their profiles with their position in your company, their profiles will link to your company’s LinkedIn page.

2. Understand How the LinkedIn Algorithm Will Rank Your Content

The LinkedIn algorithm ranks content based on:
  • Quality
  • User engagement. More likes and shares give a higher relevance rating.
  • Credibility checks, based on account and network quality.
  • The human element. Human editors also review content.
Knowing how the LinkedIn algorithm is beneficial for your marketing needs.

3. Publish Valuable Content

Post articles and company updates that provide value to your followers. Get people from your company to share their expertise on company pages. As well, share content from the web that you feel will benefit your followers. This will:
  • Help to foster connections with other business pages
  • Give the impression that you keep up with current events in your industry.

4. Post Rich Content

Video content or posts with images stand out from the crowd. Instead of posting text-only content, add images to make it more interesting. You should also link to your video posts on YouTube or other video platforms.

5. Join Or Create LinkedIn Groups

A LinkedIn group will expand your business network to professionals outside your circle. You can search groups to find groups that interest you or use “groups discover” to join recommended groups. Creating a group is also an option if none of the groups fit your topic requirements.
Once in a group, become more visible by;
Participating in group discussions
Showcasing your groups under featured groups. You can showcase groups you like using these steps:
  1. While in your company page, click “edit” then select “featured groups”.
  2. Type the name of your group and hit “publish”.

6. Put a Spotlight On Your Company Using Showcase Pages

If you want to spotlight your company’s initiatives on LinkedIn, use a showcase page. Showcase pages are valuable because:
  • They allow for more targeted marketing and quality followers
  • You can foster more meaningful relationships through smaller groups
There are 2 ways to create a showcase page. The steps are outlined below: LinkedIn MarketingFigure 1: create a showcase page. Image capture from LinkedIn

7. Reach An International Audience With Multi-Language Settings

Multi-language tools will help you to increase reach to international markets. Here is how to take advantage of this feature:
  • Set your company name to appear in up to 20 different languages.
  • Write your company description in different languages. LinkedIn members will see the description appropriate to their language settings.
  • Configure your settings so that posted content and updates is visible based on your followers’ chosen language.

8. Incorporate LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn has several advertising options, some of which include:
  • Sponsored content. This is amplified content and is useful if you cannot reach a wide audience organically.
  • Text Ads.These are PPC or CPM ads.
  • Sponsored InMail. Make your messages more noticed by personalizing them and sending directly to members’ inboxes.
Personal information provided by LinkedIn members provides insight into their interests. You can tap into this advantage to make your LinkedIn ads more strategic.

9. Learn From LinkedIn Analytics

LinkedIn Analytics gauges the following about your page and the traffic it attracts:
  • Engagement rate
  • Follower demographics
  • User activity on your company page
With these details, you can tweak your content strategy to increase content effectiveness, attract more traffic and get higher engagement.
To access LinkedIn analytics,
  1. Go to your company page.
  2. Open analytics.
  3. Go to the dashboard, for a snap shot view of your page’s performance.
  4. If you need more detailed performance analytics, click on the “activity” tab.

10. Use Leadgen Forms

LinkedIn Lead gen forms will streamline your lead generation efforts by:
  1. Allowing you to only focus your efforts on quality leads.
  2. Tracking campaign ROI through metrics such as form fill-rate and cost per lead.
  3. Integrating with your CRM for easy management
This feature is only available for Sponsored Content and Sponsored InMail campaigns.


If you are not using LinkedIn as part of your b2b marketing strategy, it’s time to rethink that decision. It is clear that having a LinkedIn company page will help your business connect to more clients and boost credibility through relevant content.
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